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Infant Mortality Rates in Gaza, West Bank, and Israel From 1975 to 2018

Jan 8, 2021

By: Laila Shadid/Arab America Contributing Writer The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has caused loss, suffering, and a current refugee population of around(...)

Tunisia’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Jan 7, 2021

By: Lindsey Penn/Arab America Contributing Writer Tunisia is a country well-known for its beautiful scenery, culture, and being a pioneer(...)
The Gradual Decline of Coral Reefs in the UAE; Efforts for Preservation

The Gradual Decline of Coral Reefs in the UAE: Efforts for Preservation

Jan 7, 2021

Photo courtesy of Unsplash by Marek Okon. By: MacKenzie DiLeo/Arab America Contributing Writer The United Arab Emirates is home to(...)

Arab America Foundation Announces Connect Arab America: Empowerment Summit

Jan 6, 2021

For Immediate Release Washington DC (January 6, 2021): The Arab America Foundation celebrates Arab American unity, heritage, and identity with(...)

A Moroccan Fantasy

Jan 6, 2021

By: Habeeb Salloum/Arab America Contributing Writer Hamid al-Badawi was relaxed in the Moorish atmosphere of the richly decorated Alhambra room(...)

Greater Syrian Diaspora at 78RPM: Edward Abdo

Jan 6, 2021

By: Richard Breaux/Arab America Contributing Writer What do you do when you find several dozen 78 rpm records all in(...)

Muhalabia- Arab Style Milk Pudding

Jan 6, 2021

Blanche Shaheen/Arab America Contributing Writer How Muhalabia was born and what is it? Muhalabia is one ancient Arab comfort food(...)

‘East is East, and West is West’–Celebrating Arab American, Eastern Orthodox Christmas, January 7

Jan 6, 2021

Photo Washington Post By John Mason/ Arab America Contributing Writer As most of our readers already know, Christmas is celebrated(...)

How is Epiphany Celebrated Culturally Around the Arab Christian World?

Jan 6, 2021

Photo: HALO Trust By: Claire Boyle/Arab America Contributing Writer January 6, 2021, is the holiday of Epiphany in the Arab(...)

Terrorism vs. Mental Illness: A News Media Paradox

Jan 5, 2021

By: Noah Chani/Arab America Contributing Writer Since 2010, there have been 61 mass shootings in the United States. Twenty-eight years(...)

Arab Americans’ Identity

Jan 5, 2021

By: Noor Almohsin/Arab America Contributing Writer         The Arab community is a growing minority in the United States.(...)

Why do Countries Want to Colonize the Arab World?

Jan 4, 2021

By: Nana Osei/Arab America Contributing Writer Why do so many countries want to colonize the Arab world? The Arab world(...)

17,303 Results (Page 15 of 1442)