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How Western Culture Influences Arab Customs

Aug 30, 2020

If you come from Western culture, you might not know a lot about Arab customs and traditions. You might associate(...)

“The Road From Raqqa” Is a Story of Two Brothers That Will Resonate With Anyone Who Has Left Home

Aug 30, 2020

SOURCE: MOTHER JONES BY: BECCA ANDREWS Back in 2015, Jordan Ritter Conn went to Turkey to report on a rebel Syrian(...)

How Syria's Blasted Landmarks are Starting to Rise from the Ruins

Aug 30, 2020

SOURCE: THE GUARDIAN BY: ROWAN MOORE From Aleppo to Palmyra, many of the country’s architectural treasures have been reduced to(...)

Generation Start-up: How One EdTech App is Helping Young Children Learn Arabic

Aug 30, 2020

SOURCE: THE NATIONAL BY: DEEPTHI NAIR With 17 million downloads so far, Lamsa user numbers have grown during the pandemic(...)

From Science to Classical Music, Israel Clamps down on Palestinian Culture

Aug 29, 2020

SOURCE: 972 MAG.COM BY: ROBERT SWIFT Suhail Khoury and Rania Elias were arrested last month by the Jerusalem Police. A(...)

Don’t Shoot the Messenger

Aug 29, 2020

SOURCE: THE NATION BY: DR. JAMES J. ZOGBY Because we should care about what people are thinking about critical issues,(...)

From Akh to Uff: 6 Ways to Express Frustration in Arabic

Aug 29, 2020

SOURCE: THE NATIONAL BY: SAEED SAEED Sometimes a sound is just better than a plain word when you're feeling annoyed(...)

TED Talks Arabic

Aug 29, 2020

TEDinArabic is a new initiative to share ideas across the Arabic-speaking world SOURCE: LANGUAGE MAGAZINE TED and the Qatar Foundation(...)

How are Arab World Countries Attempting to Prevent another Beirut Catastrophe?

Aug 28, 2020

BY: Maria Yepez/ Arab America Contributing Writer                     Prior to Aug. 4,(...)

6 Top-Rated Cultural Attractions One Must Visit in Morocco

Aug 28, 2020

By: Jackson Chasen-Buckley/Arab America Contributing Writer Are you thinking of traveling to Morocco for your vacation? The coastal nation has(...)

War in the Arab World Destroyed the Region's Heritage

Aug 27, 2020

CICC Global Justice By: Tasnim Elnasharty/Arab America Contributing Writer  Destroying Arab World Heritage Looking at the Arab World heritage, the(...)

Omar Kamal: From Nablus to the Moon

Aug 26, 2020

By: Holly Johnson/Arab America Contributing Writer  Incandescent, honey-eyed, classically smooth – these are a few of the ways in which(...)

17,198 Results (Page 40 of 1434)