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Dr. Edmund Ghareeb appointed Senior Scholar at the Palestine Center

posted on: Aug 28, 2015


The Jerusalem Fund is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Edmund Ghareebas Senior Scholar. “We have collaborated on projects with Dr. Ghareeb for many years,” said Dr. Subhi Ali, chair of The Jerusalem Fund’s Board of Advisors, “and now we are happy to welcome him to join us in a scholarly capacity.”

Ghareeb has served for over fifteen years as a member of The Palestine Center Committee at The Jerusalem Fund, advising on programs and conferences. An internationally recognized expert on the Middle East, Kurds, Iraq, and media issues, Ghareeb was the first Mustafa Barzani Scholar of Global Kurdish Studies at American University’s Center for Global Peace. He taught at AU for 28 years as well as at Georgetown University in Washington, DC and in Qatar, the University of Virginia, and the George Washington University. He is the author of The Kurdish Nationalist Movement and The Kurdish Question in Iraq, and the co-author of War in the Gulf andThe Historical Dictionary of Iraq. Ghareeb is also the editor of Split Vision: The Portrayal of Arabs in the American Media, the first book to explore how the American media covers Arabs and Arab affairs. He was translator and editor, with Naseer Aruri, of Enemy of the Sun, an anthology of modern Palestinian poetry. Ghareeb has written and lectured extensively on U.S. policy toward the Middle East, Iraq, the Kurds, and Gulf politics, U.S.-Arab relations, Arab-Americans, the American media’s coverage of the Middle East, and the information revolution in the Arab world. He worked as a journalist for a number of years and has been interviewed widely by major American, Arab, European, and Asian media outlets.

Ghareeb commented about his appointment as follows: “I am delighted to serve as Senior Scholar with the fine team of The Jerusalem Fund and to contribute to the analyses and events of the Palestine Center, which plays a very important role in education and current thinking about Palestine.”

Established in 1977, The Jerusalem Fund for Education and Community Development is an independent non-profit organization based in Washington, DC. The Fund provides humanitarian relief to the Palestinian people, educational outreach to the American public and showcases the vibrant, rich culture of Palestine and the Arab world.

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The Jerusalem Fund for Education and Community Development is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Washington, DC that does educational and humanitarian work on behalf of Palestinians, particularly those living in the Occupied Territory and surrounding refugee camps.

The Palestine Center is an independent think-tank committed to communicating reliable and timely information about the Palestinian political experience to American policy-makers, journalists, students and the general public. Established in 1991, it is the educational program of the Jerusalem Fund for Education and Community Development.


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