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Five Love Poems By Habeeb Salloum

posted on: Sep 11, 2020

By: Habeeb Salloum/Arab America Contributing Writer               I have always enjoyed writing poems reading poetry which led me over the past many years to compose verses of my own. The subjects of my poetry always vary from tenderness to love. Here are some of my poems.


You were the one I longed for,

But you didn’t answer my call.

You were searching for others,

When for you I had my fall.

Yet, I did not part and leave you

When you spurned my love.

I still desire and want you,

I swear by Him above.

These words I hope will tell you,

Tell you, you need not guess.

That just thinking about you,

Brings me joy and happiness.

My passion is boiling inside me,

Yet, I cannot let it overflow.

I must control my yearning,

Such agony you do not know.

This is my hidden fantasy,

Of life that might have been.

You have let it slip by you,

The chance won’t come again.


Is our love gone forever?

For your tone, your look betrays

That you have left me for another,

Left me bewildered in a daze.

Tell me now, why did you leave me

When you knew I worshipped you?

The times, the joys we had together,

Were they false or were they true?

Now you say these days are over,

Gone as if they’d never been.

The passionate love we once savored,

Can it ever come back again?

Perhaps, as your new love is fading,

And you remember you played a game,

Of how we two were true lovers.

Remember then who is to blame.


Nightly as she moved I watched her,

Eyes flashing and full of fire,

And her long dark hair flowing,

Over her transparent black attire.

Her soft bared limbs enticed me,

Amused me, set my body afire,

I am sure there is no other woman,

That my poetic soul can inspire.

I want to write and describe her,

This beautiful sensuous spitfire,

So with words, I’ll draw a picture,

That will give my thoughts entire.

Oh, wild beauty of the darkness,

My emotions and soul you inspire.

Only to passionately embrace you,

Can satisfy my burning desire.


I know you always told me

That I would never know,

The love you felt, the yearning

For me, from long ago.

For years I believed your stories,

Believed every little tale.

Like a child I was happy,

Never dreamt that love would fail.

But that was before the others

Took away your heart.

Your words became burnt embers,

My soul you tore apart.

No one ever told me

My love could be so strong

For a woman I was loving,

Yet, to me could not belong.

Go!  Depart and leave me,

For new ones take my place,

Our days of being lovers,

These others now erase.


Oh, where are your words and promises

Which through the years I came to know?

Were they only midnight whispers,

Smoothing a path for the coming blow?

The love we once had for each other,

Was it only in my dreams?

For when I awoke I found it shattered.

Life is not all what it seems.

Oh why?  Oh why, did you tempt me

And opened wide an enchanted door?

I found paradise when I entered.

Today this heaven is no more.

Like no other – I adored you.

Why did you break the binding chain?

Dark and sad will be tomorrow

With its loneliness and pain.

Tell me now:  not all is ended.

I cannot believe our love is gone.

Remember the promises made together,

They are all what I live upon.

Did you believe when you departed

I would have no more role to play,

And from your life, I’d fade forever,

Allowing you to be led astray?

My tortured soul cannot surrender,

It wants to fight the hand of fate.

If only God can feel my sorrows,

He would a new love create.

I know my hopes are only fantasies

Which I conjure, all in vain.

But it’s better to live in a dreamland,

Than to face the daily pain.

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