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Here's why you should definitely visit Oman

posted on: Aug 1, 2017


By: Yasmin Helal

Source: Step Feed

Are you tired of hopping on an airplane for (at least) 6 hours to go on a short trip for just 2-3 days before coming back home?

Then a road trip to Oman is the ideal solution for you. Located at just a one hour’s distance by plane, this is the ultimate short holiday destination for all UAE residents.

1. Feel the difference


If you live in Dubai or anywhere else inthe GCC, going to Oman and meeting the Omanis will be anything but redundant.

While most of the GCC cultures combine an interesting mix of South Asian, Persian, and Arabic elements, Omani’s demographical makeup introduces a new element.

Oman colonized a large part of East Africa until the 1960’s, which has resulted in a strong cultural exchange between the two regions. Today, most Omanis look similar to and speak Swahili as well as uphold many East African cultural values that set them apart from the rest of the GCC.


2. Go on a road trip

We grew up watching Hollywood stars taking us on road trips to Las Vegas and Mexico in tantalizing films that resemble nothing like our lives in the UAE.

Now is the time to take this opportunity and actually go on a road trip, rather than passively watching one on the big screen. The distance between Dubai and Muscat is just four and a half hours by car. With a few of your good friends and a couple of stops here and there, it could easily become the trip of a lifetime.

3. Swim in the Sea of Oman

If you need a change from the Dubai beaches and the Arabian Gulf, then go take a dip in the Sea of Oman.

Not only is the water cooler and less salty than in Dubai, the beaches are also a lot less crowded and the big waves offer a lot more opportunities for pure fun.

There you can enjoy a plethora of water sports activities from surfing and diving to sailing and boat trips. Some of Oman’s beaches, near the city of Sur for instance, offer guided turtle watching tours.


4. Cool down

The Sea of Oman, which directly opens to the Indian Ocean, makes the Sultanate, in general, a lot cooler and breezier than the UAE.

In the city of Muscat alone, the areas surrounding the corniche, as well as the old souk located in Mutrah near the historical fort, offer a large pedestrian space with charming seating areas by the sea every 300 meters or so.


5. Go on an adventure

For those who enjoy outdoor adventures, options in the UAE are limited to just a few sites.

Oman, on the other hand, is a haven for outdoor activities, from trekking mountains to exploring valleys and hot water springs.

The Sultanate is also home to the Jebel Akhdar Mountain, which stands at a 3,000 meter above sea level altitude; the highest in the Arabian Peninsula. Not to mention the variety of safari and camping activities available throughout the Sultanate.