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How Tamer Hosny's Music has made an Impact in the Arab World and the West

posted on: Feb 12, 2021

By: Ala Abed-Rabbo/Arab America Contributing Writer

From the Eastern to the Western World, Tamer Hosny is one of the Arab region’s best top pop stars and through his talent and melody has shifted Arab music beyond its boundaries and introduced it to the Western World. Born in Cairo, Egypt, the multi-talented 42-year-old, is a singer, songwriter, director, and producer; he is also the face of Pepsi in the Arab world. He was first recognized when he became involved working on mix-tapes with other Egyptian artists becoming a successful singer of romantic melody and has acted in various Arab movies. His fans worldwide gave him the nickname “The King of the Generation”.

The Egyptian sensation and through his multitasking abilities has been mesmerizing the Arab world with his singing, composing, acting, and writing talents. “…I want to be myself and leave my own fingerprint on the industry. I am always on something or towards something.”

The Music

Since his first album, Hob, in 2004, Hosny has been steadily in the top ranks of the charts, with songs including “Ennayah Bethebbak,” “Baish,” and “Matwasanesh.” The albums are all mostly in the pop group, mingling the up-to-date studio tricks from the West with Arab composition. Hosny’s voice is classified as both forceful and lilting. While seen as the foremost artist of Egyptian pop music, Hosny does not see a difference between the music of his country’s natives and that of the other provincial powerhouse, Lebanon. According to him, both have evolved the Arab pop music. They have the same essence but have different intonations, and each one is notable in its country.

Branching Out

As opposed to his peers, Hosny has taken significant steps towards branching out by joining forces with different Western artists. On January 7, 2012, Hosny released and scored a regional duet hit, “Smile,” with Shaggy, a Jamaican reggae musician/singer, DJ, and actor. He has also worked together with the well-known American rapper Snoop Dogg, on “Si El Sayed,” and with famous Senegalese singer, Akon, on “Welcome to the Life.”

Smile” is a song built on an instrumental theme tune used in the music for Charlie Chaplin’s 1936 movie Modern Times. The lyrics are created on lines and melodies from the film; the singer is expressing the listeners to ‘cheer up’ and that there is always a ‘cheerful tomorrow’ if they ‘smile.’ Since its first use in Charlie Chaplin’s film, “Smile” has become a modern musical form of standard. Hosny has mentioned that his core goal from such international collaborations is to deliver Egyptian pop music to all other cultures and to make music that is a blend between the East and West.

Below is Tamer Hosny Ft. Shaggy, “Smile” Music Video

Below is a Video Clip of Tamer Hosny Ft. Snoop Dogg, “Si Al Sayed”

Below is Tamer Hosny Ft. Akon “Welcome to the Life” Video Clip

Tamer Hosny’s U.S. Tour

Just as many old-style art forms, both classical Arabic music and popular music in Egypt are being influenced by Western music. Some village residents even have radios, and most Egyptians distinguish the sounds of famed American or European musical groups. People gave Tamer Hosny a lot of credit because of his ability to merge the Western and Arab musical arrangements.

Also, Hosny performed at Paris Las Vegas Hotel, which was a stop on his tour in 2014, after stopping in Houston, Texas, and Orlando, Florida. His fans consisted of both Arab and non-Arabs, in records that surpassed all expectations and established the most significant Arab and foreign viewers in the state’s antiquity. “Bitajarod provided no source for that claim, although it did mention that there are not many Arabic-language concerts in Las Vegas.” 

Below is a Clip of Tamer Hosny’s U.S. Tour Concert in Las Vegas, U.S.A.

Tamer Hosny Making History

Photo courtesy of Tamer Hosny’s Facebook

On August 9, 2017, Egyptian singer and actor Tamer Hosny went to Los Angeles, USA, to have his handprint and footprint forever engraved on the Forecourt of the Stars at Hollywood’s iconic Chinese Theatre. He has made history as the first Arab superstar to get a memorial in his honor in Hollywood’s iconic Chinese Moviehouse. “…Hosny got his hand and foot prints cemented in the renowned movie palace that is located on the historic Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles.”

Hosny’s fans are now able to visit the Chinese Theatre and see his imprint there for decades to come. Enigma’s historic event was made a considerable accomplishment appreciation to the help of Enigma’s promoters: USA Rotana, The Network of Arab-American Professionals, Center Wheel, Platinum Records, Hanz Entertainment & Events, Etihad Airways, Byblos, and Talent W.M., Trancas International.

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