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How to Compare the Best US Online Casino Sites

posted on: Nov 17, 2020

How to Compare the Best US Online Casino Sites


Are you looking for the best US online casino? You’ll need to compare many operators before you find the right one. That’s alright, though. One hour spent finding the best poker or slot site is an hour well spent.

If you find an excellent gaming website, you might never require finding an alternative. Of course, it never hurts to try a new site once in a while. It’s how you discover whether there’s something better for you out there. 

Without further ado, here’s how to compare casino sites until you find the best one.

The Basics

There are certain things a safe American casino must have. A license from a legitimate regulator is one of them. A secure website is another one. Then it must accept players from your state. Otherwise, you could end up losing your money.

According to, the best online casino sites in the US are mainly located in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Delaware and West Virginia also allow games of chance. But they don’t have as many operators as NJ and PA.

NJ and PA have some of the most progressive gambling, laws, which is why they attract so many top-level casinos. Still, to be clear, don’t pick any random site from the Garden or Keystone state. Compare them for the basics plus these other factors…


Let’s face it. Many review websites show us the best casinos alongside their bonuses. Due to that, the first step in comparing casino is looking at their bonuses. If there are three companies and one has no bonuses, many people drop it from their list.

So, are bonuses that important? For many people, they are. Bonuses are reason enough to create an account at a new casino. And that’s because they give you a quick way to win money without depleting your cash balance.

Before you join a casino because of its bonus, read its terms and conditions. Then find a different welcome package and do the same. They say the devil lies in the details, and that’s true for many gaming incentives.

Look beyond the amount. One casino might offer a small amount of money. But it is cash you can convert to cash easier. Another site could have a generous first-deposit package but have no loyalty program.

Games and Software Providers

Like bonuses, games are important. They are the reasons you’re after an online casino. Maybe you have specific slots you want to play. Or you’re not sure what you want. All the same, it’s essential to check the games different operators provide beforehand.

Look for variety and the quality of games provided. Precisely, you want lots of slots from different companies and you want a wide range of table games: roulette, baccarat, blackjack, poker and craps.

The quality of games helps guarantee a wonderful gaming experience. Since you can’t analyze hundreds of games to check their quality, however, check who’s providing the games. Industry leading developers offer the best quality games: NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech, Evolution, BTG and Betsoft, to name a few.

Web Interface

Many tend to ignore this, but checking a casino’s web interface is a quick way of ranking operators. Think about it. You want a casino with a neat, user-friendly website. It should load fast and games must be responsive on your mobile device. When you try to create an account on your iPhone and a website malfunctions, you don’t need any other sign that’s a terrible casino. If it also lags loads slowly and some features are unresponsive, you move on to a different website.

For better or for worse, many online casinos in the US have beautiful websites. It’s the one thing they get right. However, they differ in loading speeds, game response and ease of navigation. As such, look beyond a site’s design and try it out.

Payments and Policies

Casino payments involve more than depositing and withdrawing. They also describe limits, withdrawal speeds, fees and other policies in between. If you’re like many people, you like completing payments, safely, quickly and at little costs. Not every casino can compare all these three things, which is why comparing payment methods and policies is important. Start by checking the companies you can use for deposits. Is PayPal available? Can you use Visa or MasterCard?

Of course, look at your favorite payment methods. Then look at the charges you must incur and the time it takes to deposit or withdraw. Another check is the limits. How much can you deposit? What’s the maximum you can withdraw per day, week and month?

The last thing you want is to win $100,000 only to realize a casino breaks down large payments into small, monthly amounts. Neither do you want a site that takes a month to process a payout. 

Customer Service

A helpful guide for comparing casino’s quality of customer service is to send a message on chatbots. Many casinos let you send a message even if you don’t have an account. So, ask a question and watch how long it takes to get a response.

Crucially, also compare the level of support provided. If you get no feedback or a rude message, then that’s not a site you want to play at. Choose casinos that respond quickly with helpful feedback. 

Online Reputation

Which is the best-rated casino for USA players? That’s a common question on Google. People like to read review before they make a decision. So, why not do the same? Reviews provide a sneak peek of what to expect from a casino.

They tell you how fast a company responds to complaints, whether a site loads smoothly and what else you should know. You want to join a website people love because it’s a sign the company does something right.

If many reviews say a casino doesn’t payout money or is dishonest with bonus policies, you’ll probably want to avoid the company. That’s the purpose of reading people’s comments, to learn from their experiences and make an appropriate decision.


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