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How to Win an Arab Girl’s Heart 101

posted on: Feb 7, 2018

By: Randa Necola/Arab America Contributor Writer

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and it is the time to give your girl a well-spent day or weekend. If you like a girl from any nationality you are good to go, but if you like an Arab girl… poor you! I bet it is hard to win her heart. The bad news is that all the tricks that worked with other girls would not work with an Arab. But, the good news is that I have10 helpful tips to win your Arab girl’s heart.

1. Be extra nice to her parents

The family is everything for Arab American girl and by being nice to her parents, you will win her respect. For instance, you can call her parents Ammo and Auntie/Tante to show that you’re polite and respectful. You may also add how respectful you are to your own parents who they remind you of. Also, you can kindly give them beautifully decorated flowers and baklava boxes.

2. Tell her that you are religious, or willing to be

Talk about your parents and how they raised you to be the successful man you are today. Additionally, talk to them about your religion and the religious institutions you’re familiar with.  Arabs are religious and the parents would appreciate knowing that you’re one of them. If you are not religious, become one because it is an important aspect of Arab life.  

3. Show your wealth and power

Arab girls like wealthy men or at least a financially stable men. Do you not own a fancy car? No problem! Just wash your car and make it look and smell good for her. Drive her by your home or your office and tell her about how many people you supervise. Buy her name brand gifts, gold and diamond, especially if it’s THE RING!

 4. Mention marriage

Arab girls do not like dating men without having the intention of marriage. Always bring the marriage subject in your talks and tell her that your parents want to meet hers. Don’t forget to plan something in the future with her because that will give her hope that it is serious and that there is tomorrow in your relationship.

5. Do not touch or kiss her

Ok, I understand that you want to get closer to your Arab girl, but to be closer you have to keep the distance. Two rules for your safety here, no touch and no kiss because the Arab culture frowns at sexual behaviors before marriage. So, don’t tell me that I did not warn you that she might slap you when you try to kiss her!

6. Play Arab music

Arab Americans like their music so much and it is very important to an Arab girl to know that you share the same interests like her. So, play for her some romantic Arab songs for singers like Amr Diab, Kazem El Saher, Ragheb Alama….. etc. Memorize some Arabic words to tell her like habeebti/sweetheart, rohi/my soul, albi/my heart; that would melt her heart. Check out Arab concerts, festivals, and community social parties.  

7. Tell her that she looks like a certain celebrity

Arab American girls are fascinated by celebrities and their fashion, makeup, and outfits. So, tell your girl that she looks like a beautiful Arab celebrity.  Make sure that you do some research on looks because the Arab girl might ask for a detailed description. 

8. Take her out for Kibbi, Tabbouleh, and more

Arab Americans are obsessed with their own cuisine; the spices and recipes are delicious and addictive! Take your girl for an Arabian or Mediterranean restaurant and try to impress her with your knowledge about the Arab food. Recommend to her certain dishes on the menu and be sure to be extremely generous.  

9. Crack a few jokes

Embrace your sense of humor in front of her because Arab American girls love men with a sense of humor. Maybe watch some Arab comedy movies with subtitles and pick a few lines that you can use to impress her. However, try not to use much sarcasm because it would ruin the situation. Remember, balance is important in dating.

10. Be ambitious!

Arab girls look up to ambitious men who dream big and always try to improve themselves. If you are not rich or have a well-paid job, still show her that you are serious about building a terrific and bright future. The Arab American girl is very sensible; If she detects your sincerity and your hard work ethics; she won’t only say YES, but will be sure to help you all the way to attain your dreams.