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Fans are going crazy over a possible new project by Fairouz

posted on: Jun 20, 2017


By: Mariam Nabbout
Source: Stepfeed

Late Sunday night, a video of the iconic Lebanese singer, Fairouz, was posted on Facebook by none other than her daughter, Reema Rahbany.

The video is one of four recent sneak peeks into a suspected new project the legendary singer is currently recording. It has surely sent social media into a meltdown of sorts.

This does come as a surprise given the fact that it has been years since Fairouz last released a song and even longer since she graced us with a public appearance.

Here’s a glimpse

Thousands are excited


Finally some good news for people to share


“Amid everything going on, some good news to share: Fairuz is working on a new song.”

The type of news everyone needs


“With the latest video of Fairouz recording a new song, she has helped heal so many of our broken hearts.”


Fairouz is making us smile again


“Lebanon smiles along with Fairouz.”