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Sponsored: Modern Arabic Style Design Ideas for Your Bedroom

posted on: Apr 11, 2021

For a more luxurious and colorful bedroom interior design, one should opt for the Arabic style. With a few tips given below, one can transform the bedroom into a stylish and chic room by blending Arabic styles. A flat sheet is a prominent feature in Arabic bedrooms, especially in the traditional Arabian Peninsula countries and North Africa. When one incorporates the Moroccan bedroom designs, Spanish style, and decorating ideas from Turkey or Palestine, it can help to create a beautiful and stylish bedroom.

What to consider for an Arabic bedroom design

  • Creativity and interpretations of religious beliefs, traditions, and uniqueness
  • Home furnishings with a touch of handmade décor items and artwork
  • Blending distinct, exotic, and original accents in modern bedroom designs

Ideas for a modern Arabic style design for your bedroom

Considering the above tips will help you incorporate Arabic style in your bedroom. Research and reviews online can also help one to get modern ideas on Arabic-style bedroom upgrades.

1. Decoration patterns 

Adding decorations in the bedroom makes the bedroom more stylish and comfier. Some of the Arabic decoration ideas are;

  • Arabesque mosaic-tiled bedroom floors
  • Oriental rugs
  • Natural luxurious fabrics

Such decor patterns were common in wealthy and powerful Middle East rulers, and they give a sense of luxury and comfort.

2. Flat sheet and other bedding ideas

Having decorative natural fibers materials in the bedroom depicts an Arabic style. One may also invest in high-quality flat sheets and fitted sheets for the mattress. Duvets have replaced the traditional blankets in most modern bedrooms, and having one with oriental and other Arabic designs will enhance your Arabic bedroom style. Pillows and pillowcases with hand-woven Arabic design is another aspect that gives the bedroom a warm feel and Arabic look. Expensive silk fabrics on the curtains, duvets, and comforters are another way to add some Arabic style to the bedroom.

3. Choice of interior colors

Research on prominent Arabic colors can help you choose the best for your bedroom. When choosing the bedding, floor rugs, and other bedroom accessories, one should add Arabic-themed colors for a more luxurious look. Arabic style embraces vibrant and bright bedroom colors in contrast with traditional bedroom colors. Some of the popular colors to choose for an Arabic bedroom theme are red and green with accents of silver and gold.

4. Classic candelabras and bedside lampshades

Candleholders with multiple arms are very common in Arabic homes. You will find them in almost all the rooms because they serve various purposes. Aromatherapy is one of the ancient traditions in Arabs and having candelabras in the bedroom makes the process even easier. Though you will find high chandeliers mainly in the living rooms in Arabic homes, the lampshades dominate the bedroom. Lampshades should be of Aztec prints or with shades of gold and white to reflect Arabic style. 

Creating an Arabic bedroom theme is exciting but maybe costly too. One may need to budget first, but it is worth every penny as it provides comfort and promotes relaxation in the bedroom.

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