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Muslim Ban 3.0, Hate That Won’t Quit

posted on: Sep 27, 2017

By: Meriam Helal/Arab America Contributing Writer

The Trump Administration has made another attempt to ban predominantly Muslim Countries in the executive order Travel Ban 3.0. Yet, it has much of the same restrictions as the previous travel bans. This travel ban comprises of the same countries as the last one, with the addition of North Korea.

Corey Saylor, an expert on political communication, legislative advocacy, media relations, and anti-Islam prejudice at CAIR (Council on Arab-Islamic Relations) said in an interview with Arab America that, “it’s not any different from the prior version. It stops as many Muslims as possible. It reflects the Trump administration’s discrimination against Muslims.”

The Muslim Ban 3.0 affects the same people the previous ban targeted. It is no different and it’s reintroduction shows the administration’s determination to shamelessly discriminate against Muslims. Mr. Saylor explains that “the Muslim Ban 3.0 insults the intelligence of the public.” Furthermore, it is insulting to the intelligence of the Supreme Court which dismissed the previous travel ban.

Saylor reiterates that this newest version of the travel ban “broadcasts a message of disapproval of Islam and that emboldens anti-Muslim incidents” and urges the public to take action and “be alarmed seeing the Trump administration pursue a policy discriminating against Muslims.”

Ahmed Rehab, Executive Director of CAIR-Chicago, claims that “this draconian order is rooted in deep anti-immigrant, xenophobic, and anti-Muslim bigotry.” He explains that this order does not protect Americans and asserts the following: “To think that arbitrary blanket bans of people entering this country — many of whom are escaping violence created indirectly by the United States — can somehow be relevant to Americans’ safety is delusional and greatly mistaken.”

Rehab continues that “this ban, along with the first and second Muslim bans, is wrong, unacceptable, and will not go unchallenged. We will only fight harder for the rights of our communities and our allies.” 

Saylor also agrees with Rehab that the Muslim Ban is clearly from a place of hate and “only if one is willfully blind and ignores the facts, would he/she believe that this executive order is coming from anywhere but hate.”