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Six Secrets To Arab Healthy Living

posted on: Oct 29, 2020

By: Nuha Alshabani /Arab America Contributing Writer

Many of us are looking for the secret to a longer healthier life. The key to improving your lifestyle may be found in some simple habits that many Arab Americans practice each day. More importantly, these six behaviors can be incorporated into anyone’s routine.


Arab Americans take the most important meal of the day seriously, especially on weekends when you can expect the whole family (and maybe a few friends) gathered around the table. Why is it so important? Breakfast breaks the night’s fast and replenishes the body with glucose and nutrients that keep you energized throughout the day. Kicking off your morning Arabic style will include a variety of healthy appetizers packed with nutrients. Some favorites include tea, pita bread, olive oil, and ful medames. To make your own Arabic breakfast see these tips.

Natural Beauty Regime

Another way Arabs start and end their day improving their health is their beauty routine. Many Mediterranean food staples, such as lemon, yogurt, and olives are also the basics in Arab American beauty regimes. This reduces the amount of chemicals and products that is absorbed in the body with traditional beauty products that do not contain natural ingredients. Instead of using expensive creams and cleansers Arabs may use a yogurt face mask to improve their skin. To learn about ways to incorporate these foods into your beauty routine check out these tips.


The Arabic proverb states “A healthy mind is a healthy body.” One way Arab Americans live this out is by taking time for rest. This includes incorporating naps, going to bed early, and waking up early. Why is it important to get at least seven hours of sleep each night? During sleep, your body recharges, resets, and rejuvenates. Furthermore, lack of sleep increases one’s risk for a host of health concerns such as the increased risk for heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure.


For Arab Americans, the foundation in social relationships is the family. Early Arab American immigrants worked hard to incorporate family members into their economic prosperity and provided both social and economic community for family members to immigrate to the US. Today Arab American culture is still centered around the family. A strong family connection results in having a strong support system and a sense of community. Furthermore, these connections improve both physical and mental health. Having close relationships is the key to having a long and healthy lifestyle. High emotional support can also reduce stress and further promote healthy living.


Beyond starting the day with an amazing breakfast the Arab American diet contains health benefits at every meal. The Mediterranean diet which is full of fresh vegetables, fruits, and whole foods contains antioxidants and vitamins that slow the aging process. How does this work? These foods contain polyphenols a nutrient that reduces mortality risk, decreases the risk of cancer, reduces heart disease, and reduces diabetes. For a list of Arabic, superfoods click here.


Finally, Arab Americans combine a good diet, strong relationships, and mindful rest with an active lifestyle that keeps them feeling happy and healthy. The secret to this healthy lifestyle is not a strict gym regimen or workout routine. Arab Americans incorporate being active through their hobbies and social engagements. For example, since family and friends are a major part of Arabic culture Arab Americans are often walking to relatives’ houses, gathering in the neighborhood, or attending local events that keep them both physically and mentally activity. Other activities include gardening, spending time outside, and participating in Arab cultural dancing.

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