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Things You Should Never Do When Visiting Dubai

posted on: Oct 7, 2019

Things You Should Never Do When Visiting Dubai

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Dubai is a large city in the United Arab Emirates. The city is home to more than 4.1 million people and a large number of businesses. It was reported in 2015 that more than 14.2 million people visited Dubai. The number of visitors increased to more than 14.8 million in 2016. Many of these visitors come to the city to conduct business while others are interested in learning more about Arab culture. Whatever the case may be, if you have a trip to Dubai planned in the future, now is the perfect time to prepare. Below, you will discover a list of things you should never do when visiting the cosmopolitan metropolis, Dubai.

Arab Culture

Arab culture has some very unique customs. To avoid conflict, you need to become familiar with these customs. Failing to learn Arab customs will put you at risk of offending the people of Dubai. If you at least put effort into learning the customs, the locals will overlook any mistakes that you may make during your trip. If you fail to do your research, the locals will take it as an offense.

Never Leave Your Shoes On

It is customary in Dubai to leave your shoes at the door. Most homes have a special place for shoes, which is most often near the entrance. Before you enter a home, you should remove your shoes and place them in the appropriate place. This will show the members of the home that you know and respect their customs.

Removing your shoes is customary in many countries. In America, you do not have to remove your shoes before entering a home. But, many homeowners will not allow access to people who refuse to wear their shoes. These homeowners will make their rules clear upfront. In Dubai, it is written in stone. So, never make the mistake of wearing your shoes when entering a house, apartment, or flat in Dubai.

Acknowledge Everyone

Like Americans and Europeans, Arabs love greetings. It is customary to greet every member of a household. The greetings should occur as soon as you enter the home or at the earliest convenience. The greeting should consist of a handshake and a warm smile. Go around the room and do not stop until everyone has been greeted. It also wouldn’t hurt to show your appreciation for being permitted to enter the home.

Do Not Sit Without Permission

In Dubai, it is customary for visitors to wait to be seated. Even if you know some members of the household, you should not take a seat without permission. A member of the home will guide you to a chair or sofa, where you will remain until otherwise told.

Turn Your Phone Off

Nothing will offend the people of Dubai more than someone answering their phone during a conversation. No matter how tempted you are to play online games at, you should wait until you are alone. To avoid the temptation of answering your phone, you should turn it off before entering the home.

Never Ask For Refreshments

The Arab culture frowns on visitors who ask for refreshments when visiting locals. It also recommended to never accept offers of refreshments immediately. Instead, you should wait until after the third or fourth offer to accept. Even if your throat is parched, you should never accept beverages on the first offer.

Tea Etiquette

The tea etiquette for Dubai is very similar to that of Britain. When drinking tea, you should savor the flavors, never gulp the beverage down in one gulp. Sipping on the tea shows that you enjoy the conversation you are having with others. It is not a big deal to add lemon, milk, or sugar and you do not have to worry about leaving the spoon in the teacup when taking your first sip, like the British culture. But, it is a big no-no to finish your cup of tea in a single gulp.

Never Eat All Of Your Meal

In America, you are taught at a very young age to eat every morsel of food on your plate. In Dubai, it is customary to leave a bit of the food on the plate even if your stomach is not full. This custom shows that the meal was satisfying.