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Top 3 Safest Arab Airlines in the World

posted on: May 2, 2023

Picture by: Emirates

By: Alana Rehman/ Arab America Contributing Writer

People always want to choose the finest and safest airline when they are considering a trip. You’ll be amazed to learn that the top 10 safest airlines in the world include carriers from the Arab countries according to the is a reliable website that uses a unique seven-star rating system to evaluate the safety, COVID-19 compliance, and in-flight products of 385 global airlines.Following are the safest Arab Airlines that are ranked in the

  1. Etihad Airways:
Picture by: Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways is the national airline of the United Arab Emirates. It is the second largest airline of UAE after Emirates. Its main headquarters is located in Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi, close to the airport. Etihad has been operating since November 2003. With a fleet of 102 aircraft, the airline offers over 1,000 weekly flights to over 120 passenger and cargo destinations in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America. Notwithstanding its center movement of traveler transportation, Etihad likewise works with Etihad Occasions and Etihad Freight.

Etihad Airways is ranked number 2 in the airline ranking list for 2022. Etihad is one of the “greenest” airlines, which recently committed to a minimum goal of zero net carbon emissions by 2050. In the 17 years that Etihad Airways has been transporting people around the world, it has kept a spotless safety record. The taglines for etihad airline includes: “From Abu Dhabi to the World”, “The World is Our Home”, “You are Our Guest” and “Choose Well”.The official website is Etihad Airways.

  1. Qatar Airways
Picture by: Etihad Airways

Qatar Airways is the national airline of Qatar. Its headquarters is located in Doha’s Qatar Airways Towers, Qatar. In 1993 Qatar Airways was established by the Qatar government and started its first operation in 1994. Qatar airline served more than 150 international destinations. The location for the airline spread across Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americas, and  Oceania. It has a fleet of about 200 aircraft from its base at Hamad International Airport. Qatar Airways Group has more than 43,000 employees.

Since October 2013, the carrier has belonged to the Oneworld alliance. Qatar airways is ranked number 3rd by the airline ranking list for 2022. The airline has a solid safety and security performance record, making it an industry leader in aviation safety. It was the first airline to successfully complete the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) in full compliance in 2003. The “Going Places Together”  and “Taking You More Personally” are the taglines for Qatar Airways.  The official website is Qatar Airways.

  1. Emirates:
Picture by: Emirates

Emirates is the official airline of the United Arab Emirates. The Emirates airline was established in 1985.  Emirates is the world’s 4th largest airline by scheduled revenue passenger- km and the 2nd largest in terms of freight tonne-km flown.Emirates is one of the few airlines with an all-wide-body fleet, Emirates is one of the biggest and fastest-growing operators globally.

Additionally, it is the world’s largest operator of the Airbus A380 and Boeing 777. Emirates has a vast network of services both inside the Middle East and to Africa, Asia, the South Pacific, North America, Europe, and South America through its base at Dubai International Airport. With just one hull-loss incident in its 35-year existence, the airline also boasts an exceptional safety record. Emirates has started a rigorous safety procedure to make sure that airplane cabins stay hygienic and tidy. In order to provide a healthier and safer atmosphere on board, the airline’s new aircraft cabins are equipped with cutting-edge HEPA air filters that remove 99.97% of viruses as well as dust, allergens, and germs from cabin air. The slogan used by the company includes “Be good to yourself and fly Emirates”, “From Dubai to destinations around the world”, “Fly Emirates Keep Discovering”, “The finest in the sky”, and “Hello Tomorrow” , “Fly Emirates, Fly Better”. The official Website is Emirates

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