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Top Arab Snacks to Try in the U.S.

posted on: Jan 4, 2021

By: Nadia Reese/ Arab America Contributing Writer

There are plenty of snacks in the Arab world. Many of these snacks are delicious and mouth-watering. However, did you know that you do not have to travel around the world to find these delicacies? Here are the snacks that Arab America calls as the top ten favorite snacks to try that are sold in the United States.


Yes, hummus is definitely at the top of the list. Hummus originated in the Middle East, specifically in the country of Egypt. To start off, this wholesome spread or dip made its way in the 13th century. It is of chickpea and you can eat it with anything such as bread or chips. You can find hummus at your local grocery store or convenience store.


Falafels originated in the nation of Egypt 1,000 years ago. It is an excellent dish that is popular in the Middle East, Europe and the Americas. Furthermore, the dish is fava beans or legumes. Falafels are usually goes best with a hummus dip or alone. Falafels can be a great addition to salad and sandwiches as well. Lastly, you can make falafels in the comfort of your own home, buy a premade package in your local grocery store or purchase falafels in any way at your local restaurant!


Tabbouleh also known as Tabouli is a well-known salad that originated from the countries of Lebanon and Syria. Tabouli is very popular in the Arab world since the Middle Ages. In the Lebanese culture, Tabbouleh goes with every dinner. Also, Tabbouleh consists of bulgur wheat, fresh parsley, cucumber, tomato, fresh mint, green onion, and anything else that you wish to add. You can find ingredients for Tabbouleh at your local grocery stores or order the dish at a local Middle Eastern restaurant.

Shish Tawook

Shish Tawook or shish taouk is an ottoman dish which consists of marinated bite-sized chicken. Also, it is popular throughout the Middle East in countries such as Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and more. Shish Tawook originated in the countries of Lebanon and Turkey.


Baklava is a dessert which originated in the Ottoman Empire as well as the countries of Turkey, Greece and some countries in the Middle East. Some believe that it was popular due to the Assyrians in the 8th century. It is usually has walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds and even pistachios.


Labneh is a yogurt which has origins in Iraq. It is a snack that is popular throughout the Middle East in countries such as Egypt and Palestine. It has been part of the Middle Eastern culture for centuries. This is also a type of cheese that usually comes from goat’s milk or sheep’s milk (Labneh can be made with cow’s milk). There are approximately four other ways to spell Labneh; labna, labni, lebni, or labani. When preparing Labneh, be sure to drain the cheese. Lastly, some people like Labneh alone, with greens, pita bread or on toast.


To begin with, this dish is popular because of the nation of Palestine. Manakeesh, manaqish, manakish, or manaeesh is a popular dish of Levantine dough. Manakeesh tastes excellent with spinach, yogurt, lamb and chili. You can make the classic dish in your own home.


This delicious dish derives from the country of Lebanon. Fatayer is a meat pie which is usually in the shape of a turnover. It can have a cheese or spinach filling for those who choose not to eat meat. Fatayer is tastes amazing with vegetables such as olives, tomatoes and cucumbers.


Makdous is a Middle Eastern dish that is eggplant. The dish is usually has walnuts, red peppers and eggplant. This delicious vegetable dish is great with rice and it is great with eggs. The ingredients for Makdous are in your local grocery stores.

Pita Bread

Pita or Pitta bread is popular in the United States. The bread originated thousands of years ago in the Middle East. Pita consists of yeast, flour, water and salt. Many companies such as the American brand, Stacy’s have produced pita chips as well. You can find pita bread in your local grocery stores. Pita bread can go well with any of the snacks above!

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