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Trending Modest Fashion 2024

posted on: Mar 20, 2024

By: Malak Hassouna /Arab America Contributing Writer 

Modest fashion is trending in which people wear less revealing attire to express religious, spiritual, or personal interests. Modest attire can be elegant and contemporary while being non-revealing. For example, Muslim women frequently wear the “Hijab” and the “Abaya,” but also many partake that are not Muslim. During Ramadan, women tend to try to be more modest. This can explain why Modest Get-ready with Me and outfit inspirations have been trending on our TikToks. It’s simple to see how popular modest fashion has grown recently. Women are increasingly interested in more modest fashions due to a few high-street firms that have produced A-line skirts with longer hemlines and generously cut apparel. Retailers have also paid particular attention to the modest fashion sector, launching conservative collections in boutiques and online stores worldwide.

Conservative clothing styles are all too popular right now because they cater to all types of women, regardless of religion or beliefs. This isn’t to say that society didn’t regard the many women who follow certain restrictions because of their religious beliefs—it’s simply that in the past, the options for dress designs were limited and, honestly, not fantastic! Women who were Muslim, Jewish, or Orthodox Christian had a more difficult time shopping for clothes, and even then, the items offered were designed to be more beneficial rather than stylish. Times are changing, and displaying your robust femininity no longer means exposing flesh. With unrevealing clothing, the contemporary modest lady understands that she is dressing for herself rather than for others. 

Some people, such as the Asad sisters, have made modest fashion more accessible to American/Western public audiences on TikTok. Their unique standpoint in society being half white, half Palestinian puts them in a shallowable pill for these Western audiences as they are white presenting. Loren, Amanda, and Leena all share their modest fits daily with us online. At the same time, Amanda and Loren are not hijabis; they still keep pretty modest, especially with Leena guiding the way with her new Amazon drop collection coming this Eid. It also is excellent inspiration for days when you want to avoid wearing short sleeves and shorts. 

This year, we have also seen a few designers drop collections ahead of Ramadan. For example, Alexander McQueen’s Ramadan collection of six ready-to-wear pieces explicitly designed for this area is inspired by the flower arrangements featured in 16th-century Old Master paintings. The metallic gold design can also be found in McQueen’s spring/summer 2024 pre-collection, which includes pants, shirts, accessories, and dresses. It is available in Alexander McQueen stores in the Middle East. Valentino has presented its Valentino In The Light collection specifically designed for the Middle East. This capsule collection demonstrates the brand’s dedication to embracing regional peculiarities, displaying for the first time a combination of Valentino Garavani’s beautiful women’s handbags and shoes with Valentino’s ready-to-wear collections.

Another current trend is the increase in Abayas due to Ramadan; however, it is not only in the Middle East. As more allies partake in the holy month this year as a sign of solidarity, people have brought it to our everyday street style. One of my personal favorites has been incorporating the Kuffyieh into these styles. Also, more traditional clothing like the Palestinian thobe or more traditional abayas have been coming to our streets in the United States. Seeing more people embrace and style their heritage into their everyday lives has been great.

While I am not a style expert, I enjoy fashion. It has been refreshing to see many more styles and the accessibility of modest fashion become more mainstream. Seeing everyone’s outfits for Iftar and Suhor has been so fun. It’s nice to have more options, from sets to abayas, not just for religious people but everyone. What has been your favorite trend?

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