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Ushering the Bright Stars of the New Year 2018

posted on: Jan 3, 2018

Ushering the Bright Stars of the New Year 2018

By: Leila Diab/Arab America Contributing Writer

Whether near or far, far away into the galaxy of life, wishing upon a shining star in 2018, should embrace the soulful and aspiring inspiration of hopes, and dreams of brighter planetary stars in the Earth’s cycle of life.

As many of us, Arab Americans, usher in the New Year 2018, we believe that anything is possible with faith, hope and the clarity of freedom, equality, and justice for all. Albeit, with individual, family, and worldly solemn truths. Even more importantly, 2018 should be a new year of preserving human dignity, respect, and honorable decrees of forgiveness toward the righteous path of life.

There should be no looking back to the year 2017, where we witnessed many disturbing professional and human traumas of life for example, many international journalists being killed for reporting and exposing the truth of government official’s corruption and greed who not only falsify news, but defame one’s cultural identity, brutalize and imprison innocent women and children, starve, maim and/or kill innocent people.

However, all us should stand up and emulate the women’s peace march in Washington, DC and around the world whose voices were united and could be heard loud and clear for constitutional equality, freedom, and the protection of universal human rights.

We shall overcome any difficulties in life and never give up our hopes and dreams for the new generation of our youthful leaders, as we help them to claim their future steadfast road in 2018 to phenomenal educational and leadership victories.

And with the New Year 2018, cultural diversity and united generations will be our shining stars beyond the cultural divide and hopefully usher in a new world without borders, and only pillars of peace and harmony.

The New Year 2018 should be a new beginning for peace in the world, not war and all actions and voices should speak unified volumes of implementation, not dissonance for “blessed are the peacemaker for they shall inherit the Earth.”

Happy New Year 2018 to all and may all the stars in heaven shine brightly on everyone.