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USPC Condemns the Closure of PLO Delegation Office in Washington DC

posted on: Sep 11, 2018

(Washington DC – September 11th, 2018) – Yesterday, the Trump Administration has solidified its demise as a peace broker in the Middle East. In a reverse move of its international agreements, the US moved forward with its decision to close the office of the Palestine Liberation Organization Delegation in Washington DC.

The move marks the end of an era when the United States led international efforts to achieve a just and peaceful solution. By doing so, the US administration has removed itself from the role of peacemaker and has put its full weight behind the right wing anti-peace forces in the US and Israel.

This move comes as Israel continues to violently attack the Palestinian people of Gaza, in addition to home demolitions, closures and mass arrests in West Bank and East Jerusalem.

The USPC condemns the measures of the current US Administration and asks that it reconsider its actions toward the Palestinian people in the past few months, including moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem and the cutting of U.S. aid to Palestinian refugees.

These actions will also put American interests in the region at risk, in addition to having economic, social and political implications. We ask that the US recognize the Palestinian people’s right to self-determination in accordance with international law and restore its commitments to a lasting peace in the region