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8 Sites to See While Visiting Kuwait

posted on: Jan 4, 2023

Kuwait City Sunset | Even though I composed the shot, the ac… | Flickr
Photo: Kuwait City Sunset / Credit: Flickr

By: Arab America Contributing Writer / Mariam Alyakoob

Kuwait is a small Gulf Country in the Middle East, slightly larger than Qatar, that is known for its large oil reserves. But Kuwait has far more than just oil, it contains a rich culture and history that is observable as soon as you enter the country. If you decide to visit Kuwait, we have some recommendations for you!

The Avenues Mall 

The Avenues Mall | Waleed Alzuhair | Flickr
Photo: Avenues Mall / Credit: Flickr

The Avenues Mall is a must see when visiting Kuwait. It is the largest mall in the country and one of the largest malls in the world. The mall has over 1,100 stores spanned across 360,000 sqm. The Avenues has 12 different districts with different architectural designs. One of the districts is called The Gardens, with “curved translucent roof soars above a collection of green courtyard spaces”. Another district is “The Souk”, which imitates a traditional Kuwaiti Souk.

The Avenues Mall has more than just stores. The mall has two movie theaters, arcades, indoor playground, ice skating rinks, and more!

Failaka Island

File:Failaka Island, Kuwait, Sentinel-2.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
Photo: Failaka Island / Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Failaka Island is an island located around 20 km off the coast of Kuwait City. The island is historical, having been a stop between Mesopotamia and other ancient civilizations, as well as being inhabited by Alexander the Great, who once kept the island as a Greek colony. 

The island is divided into multiple sections including tourist parks, family parks, museums, swimming pools, hotels and more. It is a great destination to learn more about Kuwait’s history. 

Souk Al Mubarakiya

Video: Exploring Kuwait’s Biggest Market / Credit: Doug Barnard

Souk Al Mubarakiya is one of the oldest souks in Kuwait, dating back over 200 years and having existed prior to the discovery of oil in Kuwait. The Souk is located in Kuwait City and includes an array of vendors selling a variety of items. For dinner, you have the option to indulge in traditional foods and desserts, or buy a variety of spices, fruits, and vegetables to cook something at home. If you want a souvenir, you will also find traditional items being sold in the souk, such as traditional clothing for men and women, Arab perfumes, jewelry, and much more. 

Al Shaheed Park 

Video: Al Shaheed Park, Kuwait by Eng. Haifa Al Muhanna, Virtual Summit 2019 / Credit:

Al Shaheed Park is the largest Urban Park in Kuwait and aims to preserve both Kuwaiti culture and the environment. 

Within the park is a museum called the “Habitat” where you are able to learn more about the environment of Kuwait and bird migration in the country. Within the museum is a bird aviary, where you can catch a glimpse of birds resting after a long flight. 

The park also has two main monuments. One named the Martyr Monument, which is a seven meter glass sculpture honoring martyrs of the country. The second monument is called the Constitution Monument celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Kuwait Constitution. 

Kuwait Towers

Kuwait Tower | Francisco Anzola | Flickr
Photo: Kuwait Towers / Credit: Flickr

Kuwait Towers are a landmark and a building that Kuwait is known for, and will show up when you search for pictures of Kuwait online. The Kuwait Towers were designed by Danish-Swedish architect and interior designer Malene Bjørn, and were inaugurated in 1979. The Kuwait Towers are distinguishable from the remaining skyscrapers in Kuwait by the large blue spheres of the buildings. 

The Towers are located in downtown Kuwait City and visitors are able to go inside these popular towers. In fact, inside the Towers are restaurants that visitors can eat at while enjoying the view of the beach and city. 

Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Centre

Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Cultural Centre, Kuwait City | Flickr
Photo: Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Centre / Credit: Flickr

Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Centre is an architecturally stunning cultural centre that offers a wide variety of events including musical displays, film screenings, workshops, poetry and more. 

The Centre is named and built in honor of the thirteenth Amir of the Sabah Family, Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, who passed away in 2020. 

Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre

Video: A visit to the largest cultural center of Kuwait / Credit: New China TV

Named after the late Amir Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem, the Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre is “established to be one of the world’s largest cultural projects”. The Centre contains multiple museums including a Natural History Museum, Science and Technology Museum, Arabic Islamic Science Museum, Space Museum, Fine Arts Centre, and Theatre. The Centre also includes 22 galleries with over 3000 exhibits that you can explore upon visiting. 

The Grand Mosque of Kuwait 

The (Masjid Al-Kabir) of Kuwait | The Grand Masjid is the la… | Flickr
Photo: Grand Mosque of Kuwait / Credit: Flickr

The Grand Mosque is the largest Mosque in Kuwait covering around 20,000 square meters. The Mosque is known for its beautiful islamic architecture and is one of Kuwait’s most famous landmarks. The Grand Mosque welcomes all visitors and even offers free tours. 

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