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American Theaters Broadcasting of Newly Released Egyptian Movies 

posted on: Aug 9, 2023

Egyptian movie on the “Now Showing” page at Regal Cinemas / Nevin Girgis.

By: Nevin Girgis / Arab America Contributing Writer

Regal in Arabic?

A disadvantage many Arab Americans face is not having access to newly released Arabic movies as they would in their home country. In recent years, popular American movie theaters broadcast newly released Egyptian movies on the date of their release. The theaters are not specified as “Arab Theaters”. In fact, they are the biggest named theaters in the United States. AMC and Regal Cinemas are putting Egyptian movies on the big screen, similar to American movies that are released. 

Regal cinemas in New Jersey, Michigan, Arizona, California, and New York broadcast the movies. As well as, AMC theaters in Texas and other New York cities. Theaters that broadcast the newest Marvel or Fast and Furious movies are the same theaters playing an Egyptian Movie in Arabic in the auditorium next door. It is astounding seeing Egyptian movies on the “Now Showing” page and on the same marquee as Barbie and Oppenheimer. 

The movies are in Arabic with English subtitles displayed on the screen, typically for Arab Americans that can’t understand Arabic. This could mean much more to those Arab Americans than the Arabic-speaking ones. Many times they don’t watch Arabic movies because they can’t understand Arabic, but through the transcription of movies on the big screen, they can enjoy the film with the whole family. 

Previously Shown Egyptian Movies


Harley Movie Poster/ IMDB.

Dropping in April 2023, ‘Harley’ created a buzz in American theaters as younger generations adore the leader actor, Mohammed Ramadan.

Synopsis: “Harley is a mechanical engineer who returned from the Gulf with his family to complete his university in Egypt, He is known for his speed and extreme intelligence, After graduating, He joins a gang and works as a transporter for them” (IMBD).

Ruby House

Beyt el Ruby Film Poster/ IMDB.

For the time ever, Kareem Abdel Aziz and Mahmoud Kareem Abdel Aziz are in the same production. Understandably, the theater was sold out during the release in June of 2023.

Synopsis:”When a private family event gets leaked on social media, Ibrahim Al Ruby decides to live in a village with his wife and children, far from people and the pressure of modern life. After his younger brother, Ihab, convinces Ibrahim to go back to the city for some important paperwork, the family embarks on a trip full of surprises that is bound to change the lives of the “Rubies”. (IMDB)

Wahed Tany (Another one)

Another One Movie Poster/ ElCinema

Leading actor Ahmed Helmy has not acted on the big screen in years, hence, all his fans in America showed up to view this release in 2022.

Synopsis: “A social worker in the Prison Service discovers after meeting with old colleagues that he has failed and lost his passion in life. He resorts to an invention that restores his passion again, but things spin out of control” (ElCinema).

Now Showing Egyptian Movies


Official Movie Poster for Tag/ ElCinema.

Synopsis:”The film follows the lives of twins Tag and Haroun, who go through many crises as their supernatural abilities cause many paradoxes to occur” (ElCinema).

How Egyptians Feel  

While viewing ‘Tag’, contributing writer, Nevin Girgis, witnessed many Arab Americans and their excitement. The cinema was filled with Egyptians from all age groups meeting up with families or friends to view the film. Depending on the day, showtimes were sold out for this film and others. Laughing and excited with their popcorn and drink in hand anticipating a movie in their language on the big screen.

When asking a father with his daughters what he thought about seeing an Arabic movie in the U.S., this is what Mr. Fouad had to say: “I used to go to the cinema with my parents in Egypt when I was a child; now I get to take my children to see the same movies we would if we were in Egypt but in America. I can’t believe it”.

After the film, a grandmother Mrs. Sabah was asked about her thoughts: “I am 58 years old, I’ve lived in Egypt my whole life and I’ve never even been to the cinema in Egypt. This was my first experience going to the cinema at all. It’s surreal that the first Egyptian movie I see on the big screen is in New Jersey, USA”.

Reactions were nothing but positive from the Egyptian community in New Jersey. Accordingly, this could be a big step for Egyptian Cinema as a whole as it opens a new market. This is a big step in the right direction for Arab Americans altogether.

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