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Author Archives: Ani Karapetyan

The Fading Away of Cuba’s Arab Community

By: Habeeb Salloum/Arab America Contributing Writer It is said that of all the people who came seeking a new life in the Americas, few can match the success achieved by the Arab immigrants. This is especially true when one considers their achievements in the Latin-speaking lands of the New World.  From technicians and engineers to … Continued

Zenobia: The Flower of Arab Womanhood

By: Habeeb Salloum/Arab America Contributing Writer From atop Fakhir al-Din’s castle, located on a hilltop and overlooking the remains of Palmyra, known to the Arabs as Tadmur, I gazed in wonder at the majestic ruins of this city made famous by Zenobia – labelled in her time ‘Empress of the East’.  The pillars and tumbled … Continued

I am Furious

Source: Arab American Institute By: Dr. James J. Zogby The killing of Shireen Abu Akleh has left me furious. Furious that a wonderful woman journalist has been taken from the world. Furious because of the predictable way Israel has responded to this tragedy. And furious at the US for its failure to take a principled … Continued

Tunisia’s Andalusian Heritage Still Lives on

By: Habeeb Salloum/Arab America Contributing Writer It was back in the mid 1980s and I had driven to Qalcat el-Andles in search of the remains of the Spanish Muslims who had been forcefully evicted from the Iberian Peninsula.  Stopping our auto, I asked a passerby, “I want to speak to someone who knows the history … Continued

Changing Alliances & the Still Emerging New Order

SOURCE: ARAB AMERICAN INSTITUTE BY: DR. JAMES J. ZOGBY There are significant realignments taking place across the globe. Old alliances appear to be experiencing stress or outright fractures, while new ones are being born. Media commentary on these developments too often takes a microscopic view, focusing on individual conflicts or shifting alliances without historical context. … Continued

Ginger: Spice of the Ages

By: Habeeb Salloum/Arab America Contributing Writer For centuries, coveted it by Chinese and Indian cooks, ginger, in the last few decades, has become revered in many of the European and North American kitchens. Forming the bases for innumerable dishes, this seasoning is, today, employed on a large scale in almost every country throughout the globe. … Continued

Cabbage: One of the Most Nutritious Vegetables

By: Habeeb Salloum/Arab America Contributing Writer The cruciferous family includes Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, collards, kohlrabi, and of course cabbage which is one of the most ancient of vegetables. It has been on the tables of mankind, especially those of the working class, for untold centuries. One of the most nutritious vegetables cultivated by man, … Continued

Ma’moul – Festive Cookies for Easter

By: Habeeb Salloum/Arab America Contributing Writer Easter was always an exciting time when growing up on our southern Saskatchewan homestead. We children could not wait for Mother to make her famous Easter baklawa.  It was a special treat made only on the special holidays.  The hand-made filo dough oozing with syrup with each crispy bite … Continued

A Dream Comes True: Xi’an and Its Historic Silk Route

By: Habeeb Salloum/Arab America Contributing Writer For years as I roamed through the countries of Asia, I often dreamt of the historic Silk Route. Once carrying the goods from China to the Mediterranean coast and back, it had a great hand in the formation of the kitchens in that part of the world. Situated strategically … Continued

The Trail of the English Patient in Tunisia Lures Us on

By: Habeeb Salloum/Arab America Contributing Writer “Tomorrow we will explore the mountain area where parts of the movie, The English Patient, were filmed.”  The voice of our guide Abd al-Fatah boomed as we prepared to disembark from our bus in Tozeur – Tunisia’s picturesque tourist mecca on the edge of the Sahara.  I had visited … Continued

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