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Impact of Arab American Immigrants

By: Yasmina Hage/Arab America Contributing Writer Immigration is arguably one of the most controversial topics in today’s society. America is often called the “nation of immigrants” because of its large open immigration policy towards accepting newcomers. This policy allows immigrants the freedom and greater opportunities that this country has to offer. This phenomenon is not … Continued

The Historic Connection Between Egypt and Greece

By: Amana Tashfee/ Arab America Contributing Writer Egyptian-Greek Relations  Ever wondered about the relationship between Egypt and Greece? These are two very different countries that share a similarly rich history. Egypt and Greek relations date all the way back to 600 BC when the Greeks often toured Egypt. The two countries shared historical ties and … Continued

Islam and Democracy in Arab States – Are they Compatible?

Taken from: By Amana Tashfeen/Arab America Contributing Writer Islamic thinkers and the general Muslim public have many different perspectives on the Islam and democracy debate. This subject is widely discussed amongst Arab countries. The question of whether Islam and democracy are compatible relates to the history of democracy in Arab regions. Let’s take a … Continued

How Islamic Culture is Tied into Arab Tradition

By: Amana Tashfeen/Arab American Contributing Writer    Roughly 90% of the Arab population residing in the Arab world are adherents of Islam. With a notable minority group of Christians, the majority of the population primarily consists of Arab Muslims. Islam, being the main religion in Arab countries, there is surely an overlap between religion and … Continued

Black Lives Matter Influences the Arab World for Positive Changes

By: Amana Tashfeen/Arab America Contributing Writer The events following the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police and the murder of Breonna Taylor by Louisville police have shined a growing light on the injustices of racism. This in turn sparked significant action amongst the Arab community and the rest of the world in the fight … Continued

Arabic Language: The Benefits of Speaking Arabic and How to Learn

By: Amana Tashfeen/Arab America Contributing Writer The beautiful language of Arabic serves well over 300 million native speakers. Being the official language of over 15 countries, most of these speakers reside in the Middle East and the other Arab States. As a Semitic language, the Arabic alphabet consists of 28 letters all in the representation … Continued

Understand the Present Gender Gaps in the Arab World

By: Arab America Contributing Writer Women in the Arab world are evidently identified as minority groups in certain areas when it involves factors of education and the workforce. As Arab countries continue to progress toward gender equality, it is important to recognize these gender gaps to encourage participation and inclusiveness in these regions. According to … Continued

The Role of Muslim Brotherhood in Arab Countries

BY: Arab America contributing writer Who is the Muslim Brotherhood? The Muslim Brotherhood is one of the most prominent revivalist organizations connected to political Islam. This organization advocates in favor of a universal Islamic system that aims to implement Islamic law. Regards political concepts and morals through the knowledge of the religion and its teachings. … Continued

A Revolution: The Arab Spring

By: Arab America Contributing Writer The Arab Spring was a sequence of anti-government protests and uprisings across the Arab world involving the nations of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, and others. In the early 2000s, there were many armed rebellions, riots, and even insurgencies across the Arab world. The Arab Spring consisted of groups of protestors … Continued

Ramadan and Iftar Amidst Covid-19

Ramadan 2020 By: Amana Tashfeen/Arab America Contributing Writer The month of Ramadan is observed by Muslims all around the world. It serves to be a time of spiritual cleansing and reflection. During this month, Muslims are obligated to fast from dawn to sunset and abstain from not only food and water but also anything that … Continued

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