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Author Archives: Cait O'Connor

The Episcopal Church Rules on Palestine in General Convention

The Episcopalian Church has officially terminated its economic involvement with Israel in protest of the government’s illegal and inhumane occupation of the Palestinian territories. The 300-million strong Episcopalian church is the 10th American religious group to publicly declare support for the Palestinian people.

Arab Family Dynamics: What Do the Numbers Tell?

Parenting styles across the world are as diverse and individualized as families themselves. Certain generalizations can be made, however, to track how different regions and cultures approach childrearing. This is in no way an expert or even a first-hand opinion, but instead an analysis and overview of research studies conducted about parenting styles in the Arab world.

15 Arab Poets of the 21st Century

Poetry is sometimes referred to as “the language of the Arabs.” As an oral tradition, poetry predates Islam itself. The ode, the signature poem of the Arab world, has influenced many global literary traditions. It is both a cornerstone of Arab poetry and an icon of passionate, emotional expression.

Jordan: An Aesthetic Approach

Needless to say I did not grow up with a wealth of understanding about the Middle East. What little knowledge I had was largely a tragic narrative of contrast between a glorious Ottoman past and a crumbling, war-torn present. Glossy images of ancient cities marketed as “exotic” tourist destinations contrasted grainy, televised videos of conflict and war.

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