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Author Archives: Carrie Stewart

Doha Named Arab Tourism Capital for 2023

By: Arab America Contributing Writer / Carrie Stewart The Arab Ministerial Council for Tourism had its 25th session on Tuesday 12/13 and they named Doha (the city that hosted the world cup and the capital of Qatar) as the Arab Tourism capital for 2023. “HE Permanent Representative of Qatar to the Arab League Salem Mubarak … Continued

Jamad Fiin’s Social Influence

By: Arab America Contributing Writer / Carrie Stewart Jamand Fiin is a basketball player at Emmanuel College in Boston with a huge social media following (over a million on Instagram) and she is using her platform for good! She posts pictures and videos of herself playing basketball in a hijab in observance of her Muslim … Continued

Fashion Show at the Pyramids of Giza

By: Arab America Contributing Writer / Carrie Stewart Dior’s pre-fall men’s fashion show took place on December 3rd at the pyramids of Giza this year. There were 800 guests at the show. It took place after sunset with the pyramids lighting up the night sky. It was the first fashion show to take place in … Continued

Arab Reactions to the World Cup in Qatar

By: Arab America Contributing Writer / Carrie Stewart As you probably know, the World Cup is going on in Qatar right now. There has been a variety of shocking wins such as Morocco over Belgium and Japan over Germany. There is a lot of excitement among Arabs, with the arena being in Qatar and with … Continued

The Story of Alaa Abd el-Fattah

By: Carrie Stewart/ Arab America Contributing Writer Alaa Abd el-Fattah is a British-Egyptian activist, blogger, and software developer who started a hunger strike more than 7 months ago. According to, he is “a fiercely independent thinker who fuses politics and technology in powerful prose, an activist whose ideas represent a global generation which has only … Continued

Arab American Movie Producers/Directors

By: Arab America contributing writer / Carrie Stewart We all have our favorite movies, but do you know who directed them? Better yet, do you know of any movie producers and directors in the U.S that have an Arab Heritage? There are actually some big ones you may not know of! This article will dive … Continued

Midterm Elections Results for Arab Americans

By: Arab America Contributing Writer / Carrie Stewart As many of you likely know, last week was the 2022 mid-term elections in the U.S. Millions of Americans went to vote and watched as the results came in, waiting to find out which party would take control of the Senate and which party would take control … Continued

The Versatility of Falafel

By: Carrie Stewart / Arab America Contributing Writer Falafel is a very famous Middle Eastern cuisine. It is a deep-fried ball or patty made from chickpeas, broad beans, or both. It is normally an appetizer but can also be served on salads, in a pita, as a side, and much more. People normally eat it … Continued

Australia is No Longer Recognizing Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel

By: Arab America Content Creator / Carrie Stewart According to, the move to overturn the Morrison 2018 government decision was heavily supported by Australian Palestinians. History/Developments: The Australian Labor party reversed the decision of the previous government that recognized West Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. This former move was made by former prime … Continued

The ABPA Institute

By: Carrie Stewart / Arab America Content Contributor There are Arab Americans all over the U.S. looking for jobs or internship opportunities. While many colleges have clubs and organizations that assist students in these areas, there are also other organizations that can help such as ABPA – a conduit formed to create opportunities that allow … Continued

7 Unexpected Western Singers with Arab Roots

By: Carrie Stewart / Arab America Contributing Writer Introduction: We all have our favorite musicians, actors, celebrities, etc. that we love to follow. But have you ever looked into the background of these artists? Artists may choose to make their ethnic background a very prominent aspect of their brand, or it could be more private … Continued

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