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Author Archives: Emiliya Strahilova

10 Reasons Arab Americans are Successful in Business

By: Emiliya Strahilova/Arab America Contributing Writer It is said that ideas pull the trigger, but instinct loads the gun. In 2017 we witnessed plenty of small and bigger victories of popular Arab Americans from various fields. How do Arab Americans make it to the top of the ladder in their career? What stands behind their … Continued

The Colorful Chaos of the Souqs

Souqs are the ancestors of today’s shopping malls. They exist since ancient times and prove that the concept of having fun while buying goods has been around for ages. Evidence of the presence of first souqs in the Middle East and North Africa points to 6th Century BCE. Initially, this kind of Oriental traditional bazaars … Continued

Yasmine Hamdan’s Arab Signature on World Music

By Emiliya Strahilova/Arab America Contributing Writer It’s hard and unfair to label music nowadays, artists are taking influences from endless and diverse sources, and yet, one thing is clear – what is on the surface is not what is under the ground. Yasmine Hamdan is popular but certainly not part of the mainstream. Her career … Continued

Was Prince William’s Famous Trip to The Middle East Political?

By: Emiliya Strahilova/Arab America Contributing Writer Prince William just ended his visit to Jordan, Israel, and Palestine. His trip is considered to be historic by the world because it was the first time a member of the British royal family stepped onto Israeli/Palestinian lands. Even before he started packing his bags, he was already judged … Continued

New Initiative: Palestinians in the U.S. form US Palestinian Council

  By Emiliya Strahilova/Arab America Contributing Writer For 70 years Palestinians around the world have been horrified by the events of the Nakba (Catastrophe) that took place in 1948 and still happening as of today.  In December 2017, The Trump administration officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, as well as cutting UNRWA funding which … Continued

Natalie Portman Refuses to Receive a “Jewish Nobel Prize”

By Emiliya Strahilova/Arab America Contributing Writer Jewish-American actress and human rights activist Natali Portman won the most prestigious Jewish award The Genesis Prize, but she canceled the ceremony for accepting it. As her representatives announced, “recent events in Israel have been extremely distressing to her and she does not feel comfortable participating in any public … Continued

Arab America Salutes National Arab American Heritage Month with a Spectacular Event in Washington DC

By Emiliya Strahilova/Arab America Contributing Writer Last Thursday (April 12) an exciting venue in Washington DC, right next to the White House, was the site where Arab America acknowledged for a third consecutive year National Arab American Heritage Month(NAHM). The event was attended by approximately 250 guests representing diverse Arab and non-Arab communities. Among the special … Continued

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