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Check Out The Street Foods From These 6 Arab Countries

By: Katie Teague/Arab America Contributing Writer Having a memorable trip requires an adventurous spirit – one that will push you to explore what is foreign, but rewarding. This is especially true with food, since trying new flavors and culinary concepts bring a newfound awareness to your mind (and your taste buds!)  Street food is an … Continued

The Map With No Name

By: Katie Teague/Arab America Contributing Writer When you think about it, a map is more than just markings on a page; it is one way we confirm the sovereignty (or lack thereof) of nations and states around us. In a digital age when we can access these maps with the tap of a finger, their … Continued

Violence Against Palestinian Farmers Increases Now That Olive Harvesting Has Begun

By: Katie Teague/Contributing Writer In 2006, the Israeli High Court instructed the Israeli Army to protect Palestinian olive farmers during their yearly olive harvest, which falls between early October and November. Fourteen years later, human rights groups continuously document acts of settler aggression directed at farmers and their olive groves, including arson, theft, and physical … Continued

Can You Name These Iconic Arab World Structures?

  By Katie Teague/Arab America Contributing Writer Whether you’ve been to the Arab World or not, the region is filled with incredible sights, iconic structures, and hidden wonders that you are probably familiar with.  Think you know them all?  Try to guess these structures based on each picture and description, then check your answers at … Continued

Arab Beauty Secrets and Techniques Through Time

By Katie Teague/Arab America Contributing Writer It’s no secret that makeup in the Arab world is extravagant. There is a long history of Arab beauty secrets and techniques passed down that are responsible for many of the looks we see today. Check out these top ten ways Arab women stay beautiful. 1. Hammams Kick back … Continued

Meet Fulla: The Barbie of the Middle East

By: Katie Teague/Arab America Contributing Writer In 1959, the Barbie doll hit the toy market, capturing the hearts and imaginations of young girls around the world.  What you may not know is that the Western Barbie we all know and love has quite the counterpart in the Middle East.   Meet Fulla, the “dark-eyed doll … Continued

Getting Around the Arab World

By: Katie Teague/Arab America Contributing Writer Unlike the United States, the Arab World is not abundant in methods of transportation.  Each country presents its own unique ways of getting around. For tourists, it is important to know which of them will be the most effective.  To help with that task, here is a list of … Continued

How Do You Like Your Hummus?

By Katie Teague/Arab America Contributing Writer Hummus has come a long way from its original form of chickpeas, tahini, garlic, and olive oil. Just head to your local grocery store for a glimpse of the options offered. From avocado hummus to chocolate hummus, check out these unique flavors that you may want to try. Avocado … Continued

The Importance of American Diplomats for the Arab World

By Katie Teague/Arab America Contributing Writer The job of a diplomat is fundamental for globalization. As a foreign service officer, life revolves around promoting peaceful relations between another country and your own.  Such a position offers opportunities for professional travel and interactions with individuals from all over the world, thus bringing about unique awareness and … Continued

Seeds, Seeds, and More Seeds

By Katie Teague/Arab America contributing writer Middle Eastern food is, without a doubt, never boring.  Who knew that a culture with such rich and colorful foods would fail to survive without…seeds?  That’s right.  Arabs are the number one consumers of nuts and seeds; whether it’s in their food or served by itself as a snack. … Continued

From Shawarma to Taco

By Katie Teague/Arab America Contributing Writer There is no sandwich more iconic to the Arab world than the shawarma.  It’s a go-to meal for any time of day, all year round!  In fact, the components of the sandwich are so popular, they have transcended borders by making their way into other cultures; the Mexican culture … Continued

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