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Author Archives: Katelin Teague

Good Morning Fairuz

By: Katie Teague/Arab America Contributing Writer It’s early morning in the streets of Lebanon.  As the shops begin to open and people sit for their first cup of coffee with one another, a voice begins to sing over the radio.  But not just any voice!  All mornings call for one artist and one artist alone; … Continued

Kushner’s Bahrain Economic Workshop: Putting the Cart before the Horse in a Misdirected Palestinian Peace Process

By John Mason, Arab America/Contributing Writer A Vision of Palestinian-Israeli Peace but with few Details Son-in-law of President Trump and senior advisor, Jared Kushner, initiated the Administration’s initiative to spark a Middle East peace process. Called the ‘Peace to Prosperity’ workshop, it was launched in Bahrain on June 25. Investors and political leaders from the … Continued

For the Love of Watermelon!

By: Katie Teague/Arab America Contributing Writer Watermelon: the classic summer treat that will bring a smile to anyone’s face.  In the Middle East, watermelon brings more than a smile.  Arab obsession with the fruit is completely acceptable, which is why I will be taking a glimpse into the life of this juicy delicacy. Watermelon is … Continued

Arab Women at Work: Sculptor Simone Fattal’s Retrospective

By: Barbara Nimri Aziz/Arab America Contributing Writer Even in New York, it’s not often one has the opportunity to view a sculpture exhibit on the scale of Simone Fattal’s 50-year retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art PS 1.  It’s a splendid assemblage of work—247 items— from a prolific artist generously distributed over spacious galleries … Continued

Arab American Identity Duality

By: Haneen Abu Al Neel/Arab America Contributing Writer The United States is a country said to be built by immigrants; if we forgo the early version of it. Intermixed ethnic groups and nationalities continue to develop the country’s reputation for hyphenated identities colorfully. The immigration influx, which witnessed exponential increases in the 1800s, is arguably … Continued

A Look into Sudan’s On-Going Humanitarian Crisis

By: Katie Teague/Arab America Contributing Writer Another revolution is upon us, this time in the east-African country of Sudan.  Since the media is preoccupied with keeping us updated on the President, few spotlights are being shown on the injustices occurring in this Arab nation. To better understand the nature of Sudan’s humanitarian crisis, let’s start … Continued

UNHCR Welcomes Support of 175 Cities Worldwide for Refugees

On the occasion of World Refugee Day 2019, UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency thanks mayors in scores of cities across some 50 countries for adding their support to a global statement of welcome and inclusiveness for families forced to flee. The statement is part of UNHCR’s year-old Cities #WithRefugees initiative and has now been signed … Continued

American Evangelicals: Smack in the Middle of the Arab-Israel Question

By John Mason/Arab America Contributing Writer American evangelicals have been captivated by the Trump administration, first because of Trump’s support of their pro-life sympathies and, second, their mutual agreement on a pro-Israeli stance in opposition to Palestinian interests. The evangelical control of 25% of the national electorate is a critical part of Trump’s base. The … Continued

June is Immigrant Heritage & Refugee Awareness Month

By Christine Shahin/Arab America Contributing Writer Unless you are indigenous to the land you occupy, every family has an immigration story of how they came to be where they are; a common thread of these stories is the adventurous spirit for a “better life” of our ancestors and/or how they prevailed in the face of … Continued

Hummus: Whose Is It?

By: Katie Teague/Arab America Contributing Writer It’s a classic battle of ownership.  The dip that is so good, everyone wants to claim credit for it.  Anywhere you go, you’ll find endless brands and variations of a classic dish, but who is actually responsible for it?  In this article, we will attempt to track down the … Continued

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