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Author Archives: Meshal Abuslaem

Priebus Plays Down “Muslim Registry” Rhetoric of Trump and Flynn

BY: Meshal Abusalem/Contributing Writer CNN, ABC and NBC interviewed Reince Priebus, President-elect Trump’s Chief of Staff, earlier this week. Frequent questions asked were whether or not Donald Trump still planned to implement a registry based on religious affiliation, and if Trump agreed with comments on Islam made by Mike Flynn, Trump’s National Security Advisor. Priebus … Continued

Sting’s New Song “Inshallah” Acknowledges Refugee Hardships

BY: Meshal Abusalem/Contributing Writer Most people recognize the name Sting and his long career in the music industry. This week, Sting has just released a new album, which includes a song called “Inshallah” that brings light back to the refugee crisis. Gordon Sumner, who goes by his stage name “Sting”, is a well-known British singer, … Continued

Arab Americans Share Their Feelings About Trump’s Victory

BY: Meshal Abusalem/Contributing Writer The presidential elections offered one final bombshell Wednesday morning, although Donald Trump may not agree. Hillary Clinton not only lost the race, she did not come close to the projections provided by the media. Donald Trump shocked the world and defeated Clinton. The media, people, and foreign countries were all in … Continued

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