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Author Archives: Mohamed Erekat

Rukabs: The History of the World Renowned Ice-Cream from Ramallah

By Mohamed Erekat / Arab America Contributing writer The word ‘Palestine’ has become a particular buzzword in today’s world often given with demeaning undertones with the thoughts of war or bombs instantly coming in one’s head. As many of us know that is much far from the case of Palestine, a place blooming with colors. … Continued

Little Baghdad: the Hidden Chaldean Community of San Diego

By: Mohamed Erekat/Arab America Contributing Writer When one thinks about San Diego, one may imagine vibrant beaches, a hot summer sun, and Sea World. But hidden in the suburbs in the city of El Cajon, there is a large community of “Chaldeans” who have claimed the city for themselves. El Cajon which is located 17 … Continued

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