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12 Actions Arab Families Do When They Get Together!

By Meriam Helal/Arab America Contributing Writer What do Arab Americans do when they get together? Getting together may be an understatement as Arab Americans unabashedly love to party, eat, and argue all at the same time. 1) EAT, EAT, EAT!!! Family gathering in Arab families focus on food and inviting each other to eat. Between … Continued

10 Reasons that Make Arabs So Attractive

Arabs are one of the most desired groups in the dating and relationship scene worldwide. There are many reasons that make them stand out, however, only 10 of them are listed for you below. These qualities allow Arabs to attract and meet their significant other as well as keep them for life. 1. Beautiful Arabs … Continued

How is the Christian Community Reacting to Trump’s Decision Regarding Jerusalem?

Meriam Helal/Arab America Contributing Writer The Christian community has reacted differently to Trump’s decision to move the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, recognizing it as the capital of Israel. American evangelicals are in favor of this decision, while other Christians, Catholics, and especially Orthodox Christians, are extremely against it. Pope Francis expressed his … Continued

How Arab Americans Communicate Without Talking or Writing!

By: Meriam Helal/Arab America Contributing Writer Arabs can communicate with each other non-verbally with just hand gestures, facial expressions, and by showing emotions with their eyes. These gestures are quite unique and common. Arabs can almost have a conversation without saying a word. Here are some of them. 1. The “What” Arabs can ask you “what” … Continued

The Language of Eyes in Arab Culture

By: Meriam Helal/ Arab America Contributing Writer Arab countries in the Middle East have some differences, but one thing they have in common is the significance of eyes in their culture. In comparison to the Western culture where eye contact is common, mundane and trivial, in Arab culture, it is more communicative and significant. However, … Continued

8 Funny Things We Do as Arab Americans

By: Meriam Helal/Contributing Writer Arab Americans behave in a specific way that is different from other Americans. Maybe we get it from our parents, maybe we get it from the Mloukhieh. Either way, here are some of them.        1. We are always fashionably late Some people call it Arab time, some use specific … Continued

The Un-American Elimination of the Diversity Visa Lottery Program

By:  Meriam Helal/Arab America Contributing Writer The U.S. is known around the world for being the world’s melting pot due to its diversity and inclusion. One way the U.S. has upheld its status is the Diversity Visa Lottery Program.  It was implemented in1986, where millions of people apply and less than 1% get selected, which … Continued

One Thousand and One Nights: Shahrazad, the Traditional Feminist

By: Meriam Helal/Arab America Contributing Writer The Arabian Nights is one of the most influential stories that have captured the culture of an era and have influenced traditions of many societies for generations to come. The story was told during the 12th century and it gives the reader an insight into the culture of that period … Continued

10 Behaviors of Arab American Parents

By: Meriam Helal/ Arab America Contributing Writer Each parent has his/her own parenting techniques, but Arab American parents all have specific tricks and habits they all do to their children. Here are some of them. 1. They answer “Insha Allah” to EVERYTHING! “Insha Allah” is a magical word that means: if God willing. Arab American parents … Continued

The Role of the Church in Preserving the Arab American Heritage

Photo: Basilica of St. Mary’s Antiochian Orthodox Church, Livonia, Michigan Meriam Helal/ Arab America Contributing Writer The Arab world is diverse with different denominations of Christians. But unlike other ethnicities, Arab Christians have a stronger relationship with the faith and the church. There are various denominations of Christians in the Arab world, such as Catholic, … Continued

12 Actions Arab Families Do When They Get Together!

By Meriam Helal/Arab America Contributing Writer Families get together for holidays and birthdays and Arab families have specific traditions and habits that they always do together. Here are some of them. 1. EAT, EAT, and Again, EAT!!! Arab American family gatherings focus on food and pushing each other to eat. Between eating at family and … Continued

Muslim Ban 3.0, Hate That Won’t Quit

By: Meriam Helal/Arab America Contributing Writer The Trump Administration has made another attempt to ban predominantly Muslim Countries in the executive order Travel Ban 3.0. Yet, it has much of the same restrictions as the previous travel bans. This travel ban comprises of the same countries as the last one, with the addition of North … Continued

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