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Author Archives: Pamela Dimitrova

4 Great Egyptian Opera Singers You Should Know About

By: Pamela Dimitrova/ Arab America Contributing Writer Since opera singing was first introduced to Egypt in 1869, a tangible increase in popularity for opera was witnessed in Egypt. Yet it never gained popularity within the mainstream Egyptian culture and many of its great talents remain. Here are 4 Egyptian opera singers, that you should know … Continued

Arabic Folklore: Fascinating Myths and Legends

By: Pamela Dimitrova / Arab America Contributing Writer Arabic folklore and mythology are one of the most diverse and colorful in the world, with stories about supernatural creatures, brave heroes, magic lamps and thrilling adventures. Many of them were passed orally from generation to generation over hundreds of years, preserving the authentic spirit of the … Continued

Items Traded by the Ancient Arabs

By: Pamela Dimitrova/ Arab America Contributing Writer From ancient times, trade has always been central to the Arab World, quickly turning them into one of the most important figures in the world’s ancient history. This began way back in time when small groups of Arab families settled in oases grew grain and vegetables and offered … Continued

Traditional Arab Sports

By: Pamela Dimitrova/Arab America Contributing Writer Sports in any country are promoted due to the health benefits of them among other reasons. These activities serve as entertainment and cultural tie-ups between people for the love of the games. Sports in Arab countries are prominently related to the desert sand where camels and horses rule the … Continued

Artificial Intelligence in the Arab World

By: Pamela Dimitrova/Arab America Contributing Writer In the wake of the fourth industrial revolution, governments and businesses across the world, and especially the Arab countries, are slowly shifting towards artificial intelligence and advanced technologies. UAE even appointed a minister for AI, while Saudi Arabia was the first country to give citizenship to a robot. Why … Continued

Top 10 Arab Museums

By: Pamela Dimitrova/ Arab America Contributing Writer Arab museums are jewels in the Arab world – they tell ancient stories, they carry proudly the Arabic culture and traditions, they educate and preserve. Here is a list of the top 10 Arab museums, everyone should visit at least once during their lifetime! The Egyptian Museum, Cairo, … Continued

6 Arab Superheroes You Need to Know About

By: Pamela Dimitrova / Arab America Contributing Writer Every child has heard of Superman, Batman, and Captain America, but how many of them can name an Arab superhero? For the past few years, publishers, both regional and international, introduce mighty superheroes to inspire all generations of Arab kids. Here are 6 superheroes you should totally … Continued

History of Arabic Alchemy

By: Pamela Dimitrova/ Arab American Writer It is not a secret that Arabs laid the foundations to many of the modern sciences – chemistry, physics, medicine, mathematics – and they greatly influenced the West. However, they were also masters in ‘alchemy’ – a medieval science, which combines modern chemistry, religion, philosophy and sometimes… magic? What … Continued

The Unique Magic of Arabic Art

By: Pamela Dimtirova/ Arab America Contributing Writer Art has always been one of the strongest weapons to fight the brutal face of reality and to bring people closer together. And wile most of the galleries around the world are proudly showing the works of artists such as Picasso, Monet and Van Gogh, Arabic art is … Continued

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