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Author Archives: Shayma Amour

Sick of Classrooms? 6 Non-Academic Tips for Arabic Language Learners

By: Shayma Amour/Arab America Contributing Writer As we all know, the world is a wide huge platform congested with hundreds of various cultures, each has a different long-dating heritage and traditions that beautifies the world with colorful legacies. One of the main segments forming every main culture founded on earth is language. Each culture or … Continued

Which Activity will you Choose to Teach about Arab Heritage?

By: Shayma Amour/Arab America Contributing Writer The month of April has been recognized as National Arab American Heritage Month (NAAHM). This occasion celebrates and recognizes the Arab American rich heritage and culture, and honors the numerous contributions of Arab Americans to American society. It has become a primary and fundamental duty for Arab Americans to … Continued

Attributes of Our Arab Culture, Making Us Proud

By: Shayma Amour/Arab America Contributing Writer Arab culture stretches back thousands of years and is considered one of the oldest surviving and remaining cultures in the world. It is congested with a lot of the spectacular, dynamic and colorful achievements and creativity in world history. From times of war and peace, creating literature and exploring … Continued

Empowering Quotes by Notable Arab Women

By: Shayma Amour/Arab America Contributing Writer The MENA region has been witnessing an array of instabilities, social disturbances, and serious economic challenges and has been going through many ups and downs for ages. While women and girls are facing many forms of discrimination against them in the Arab world such as gender inequality, many Arab … Continued

Arab Women’s Traditional Clothing Making a Comeback?

By: Shayma Amour/Arab America Contributing Writer The world is a huge platform congested with various civilizations and cultures that revive and beautify it. Each culture has an array of traditions differing it from one another, including traditional clothes that would date back to thousands of years. The Arab world is a vivid universe containing multiple cultures … Continued

Arab Americans Holding onto Their Traditions

By: Shayma Amour/Arab America Contributing Writer Throughout the last couple of centuries, America has witnessed many waves of Arab immigrants which are referred to as “Arab Americans”. They are one of the most diverse and rich ethnic groups in terms of their cultural backgrounds, language, beliefs, family structure, and values. Although Arab Americans originate from … Continued

What is it Like to Grow Up as an Arab?

By: Shayma Amour/Arab America Contributing Writer Growing up as an Arab is a unique experience. Whether being raised in the Arab world or in America, there are some characteristics that all Arabs share. It’s in our genes! Some things were so annoying and didn’t make sense to us as children, but looking at it from … Continued

Going Back in Time with Arab Music: Old is Gold

By: Shayma Amour/Arab America Contributing Writer How many times did you find yourself humming along with Umm-Kulthum’s songs? Or woke up to Fairouz’s morning songs played on the radio? Aren’t they the best companion with a nice hot cup of tea/coffee and fresh out of the oven pies and Mana’eesh/Zaatar? Or did you notice the … Continued

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