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Author Archives: Saba Jobah

Shaping a Unique Identity: Muslim and Arab American

Woman holding sign Photo Credits: Paul Sableman Percentage of Muslim Arab American With the Arab American Muslim community viewed as separate from Americans and a singular group, it is safe to say that there is ignorance driving the misconception of this community. Furthermore, “Based on various reports, 65-70% of Arab Americans are Christian… 30-35% of … Continued

To Wear or Not To Wear The Hijab

By: Saba Jobah / Contributing Writer Modern Feminism turned Aggressor Often muslim women wearing the hijab will find themselves as the victim of modern feminism. How could that be? Instead, it has become extremely one-sided in supporting sexual liberation and used in anti-feminist narratives. As stated by Haq, “… on October 4, 2021, a seven-year-old … Continued

Malnourished Minds

By: Saba Jobah / Contributing Writer Yemen is a war effected country so brutalized, even the youth have not been spared of the brutal war. The war itself, the government not prioritizing mental health, and the pre-existing social stigma all played a factor in creating a mental health emergency within Yemen. More specifically, 55% children … Continued

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