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Top 10 Most Influential Arab Businessmen in the World

In the past few years, many important figures have influenced, inspired, and admired us. They also talk about musicians, performers, or activists when it comes to it. However, we overlook that, in many cases, these individuals are often entrepreneurs. Indeed, many are passionate about their determination, strength, charisma, and power. The Arab world is recognized … Continued

From Al-Rabita movement to Arab America, a Common Desire

By: Yasmina Hage/Arab America Contributing Writer The goals of Arab Americans were shared by Arab intellectuals who immigrated to the United States more than 100 years ago. Indeed, a movement called Al-Rabita was created to achieve these goals. But what are these goals, and why are they important? That’s what we’re going to find out. … Continued

Kamal Shouhayib, an Outstanding Businessman

By: Yasmina Hage/ Arab America Contributing Writer Kamal Shouhayib is a Lebanese man who immigrated to the United States when he was 19 and studied Engineering for three years at Michigan Technological University. He is the perfect example of immigrants who arrive and learn to appreciate the culture and all the beautiful aspects that their … Continued

Check Out These 6 Libyan Tourist Landscapes Unknown by Many

By: Yasmina Hage/ Arab America Contributing Writer Most of Libya’s stories rarely veer from politics, forgetting that it is home to extraordinary wealth. But, if you are looking for more information about the country, it is hard to find, which is a pity because the country has many Libyan treasures to be discovered. Bordered by … Continued

Is France Being Arabized?

French students learning Arabic By: Yasmina Hage/ Arab America Contributing Writer In recent years, many Arab countries in the process of development have seen their citizens move to destinations with more resources, such as France. This immigration is strongly linked to the history that connects Arab countries to France, to the strong universities for students, … Continued

Famous Arabic Quotes to Give Hope and Patience

By: Yasmina Hage/Arab America Contributing Writer Life is a path filled with trials and joy. From time to time when things go wrong, we persist in seeing the negative side, and we forget all the beautiful things that happen. Sometimes we don’t forget them, but we pay too much attention to our sadness to see … Continued

The State of Syria: More Difficult Times to Come

By: Yasmina Hage/Arab America Contributing Writer Syria is facing a truly major humanitarian crisis. On March 15, 2020, it had been exactly nine years since the war in Syria began. It is a conflict that has left thousands dead and wounded, while at the same time driving millions of people to flee their country in … Continued

Arab Fashion Week 2020 Hosted Online

By: Yasmina Hage/ Arab America Contributing Writer The Arab Fashion Council (AFC) is the largest non-profit fashion association representing the 22 member countries of the Arab League. Its objectives are to promote Arab fashion designers internationally, disseminate fashion culture in the region, and position the Arab world on the international fashion map. This includes Arab … Continued

Did You Know That There Are Famous Arabs in France?

By: Yasmina Hage/Arab America Contributing Writer France is a country that welcomes many foreigners that come mainly from the African continent. Among these foreigners, many Arabs have been able to give a smile to France. An opportunity to make French people dream and show them the extent of their talents! For example, the entertainment world … Continued

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