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NaTakallam (“we speak” in Arabic) operates on the above two premises, pairing displaced Syrians with Arabic learners around the world for language practice over Skype. The platform offers affordable, flexible, tailored Arabic practice with native speakers. On the other end, NaTakallam offers a valuable income source to displaced Syrians mostly in Lebanon, but also in Turkey, Egypt, France, Brazil and Germany. Along the way, users and Syrian conversation partners engage in a powerful intercultural exchange, frequently developing transatlantic friendships between worlds that are often polarized in the media and political spheres.

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National U.S. Arab Chamber of Commerce National Office

The Chamber's mission is to "promote, support, and strengthen U.S.-Arab business and economic cooperation." This is a broad mandate, to be sure, but one that befits an organization that serves as a commercial bridge between the United States and the 22 nations of the Arab world.

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New Yasmeen Bakery

“Nasser Beydoun, director of the chamber, said that recent articles in the Washington Post and Boston Globe have referred to Dearborn as the capital of Arab America. Warren Avenue is the heart of that capital, Beydoun said. He called New Yesmeen Bakery a jewel among the many Arab-American businesses.”

Hussein Sibini (left), co-owner of New Yasmeen Bakery, 13900 Warren Ave.; Tipper Gore, wife of Vice President Al Gore; and Sibini's wife, Dina, enjoy a toast with orange juice before enjoying Arab-American specialties at the bakery and deli Saturday. Gore stopped or about an hour to greet Dearborn residents and Arab-American leaders.