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10 Common Questions About Ramadan

Jun 14, 2017

By Ramzi Gharbi/ Contributing Writer On May 26, 2017 began the ninth month of the Islamic Calendar, hence Ramadan is in session! A billion Muslims around the world are practicing the 5 pillars of Islam. There are 3.3 million Muslims living(...)

The Changing Family Role of the Arab American Father

Jun 14, 2017

  By Daniel Gil/ Contributing Writer In 1993, Halim Barakat released a book titled The Arab World where he outlined typical trends and normalities in Arab society, culture, and family life. According to Barakat, the father plays the role of(...)

Fifty Years After Israeli Attack on US Naval Ship, No Justice Provided to Survivors

Jun 8, 2017

Damaged USS Liberty One Day After Attack By Daniel Gil/ Contributing Writer On June 8 1967, Ernest Gallo was thrown across the radio research room of the USS Liberty when an Israeli torpedo struck the ship, during the attack of(...)

Sears Stops Sale of Pro-Palestine Shirts Following Wave of Backlash

Jun 7, 2017

By Daniel Gil/ Contributing Writer Retail outlet Sears removed a line of pro Palestinian tee-shirts Tuesday from their online store amidst a wave of online backlash from groups and individuals in support of Israel claiming anti-semitism. “Free Palestine, End Israeli(...)

The Guide to Achieving a Dream

Jun 7, 2017

Photo: Elaine Rumman By Suha Araj/Arab America Contributing Writer "I have the freedom to do anything I want-- my conscience is my guide." -- Elaine Rumman A hearty life can be recounted by one’s character defining moments; Elaine Rumman’s are(...)

Two Cultural Symbols of Ramadan: Lantern and Qatayef

Jun 7, 2017

By Noura Anwar, Arab America Ambassador Blogger It’s that time of the year when Muslims all over the world observe the ninth month of the Arab Islamic calendar, the holy month of Ramadan. Muslim and Arab Countries might differ in(...)

The Undiscovered Beauty in a Date

Jun 7, 2017

By Christine Shahin Arab America Ambassador Blogger As a little girl growing up in an Arab American culture, my siblings and I enjoyed small snacks of fresh and dried fruits to hold us between meals. My parents bought clear containers of the(...)

Panel Discussion Envisions Bleak Future for Palestine

Jun 7, 2017

Photo: A boy and a soldier in front of the West Bank Barrier Justin McIntosh, August 2004 By: Daniel Gil/ Contributing Writer The future of Palestine appeared grim Tuesday morning at a panel discussion held by the Arab Center for(...)

Remembering the Six Day War After 50 Years of Israeli Occupation

Jun 5, 2017

By Daniel Gil/Contributing Writer This week will mark the 50th anniversary of the Six-Day War, a lightning fast conflict Israel waged with its neighboring Arab countries, allegedly, for the right to exist which changed the face of the middle east.(...)

Politics Disrupts Search for New Professor at Fresno State

Jun 5, 2017

By Colby Cyrus/Contributing Writer Fresno State was simply looking for someone who demonstrated “active scholarship in the candidate's area of expertise with a special focus on Edward Said's intellectual legacy.” The search for such an individual; however, soon took a(...)

Another First: Dubai Welcomes First Robotic Officer to Police Force

Jun 2, 2017

  By Colby Cyrus/Contributing Writer In addition to the world’s largest tower and increasing tourist population, Dubai now has something else to add to its résumé: the world’s first robotic police officer. Projections indicate that robotic cops will make up(...)

Trump Signs Waiver Delaying Embassy Move, Despite Personal Preferences

Jun 1, 2017

Photo Credit: BBC By: Colby Cyrus/Contributing Writer In a reversal of campaign promises, President Donald Trump signed a waiver on Thursday which temporarily keeps the American embassy at its current location in Tel Aviv. The decision comes shortly after President(...)

4,040 Results (Page 270 of 337)