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AANM's Arab Film Festival taking place June 3-12

May 24, 2016

The Lebanese box office sensation What About Tomorrow - consisting of old 8mm footage of performances of legendary singer/writer Ziad Rahbani’s play of the same name  ̶  will make its U.S. premiere during the Arab American National Museum's 2016 Arab Film Festival, part(...)

Arab American Comedian Mo Amer opens for Dave Chappelle

May 24, 2016

  Famous American comedian, Dave Chappelle, is back on the road after what seemed like a long hiatus after his hit sketch comedy show, The Chappelle Show, stopped airing in 2006. Since 2015, Chappelle has been touring across the country,(...)

Sanders Picks James Zogby and Rep. Keith Ellison for DNC Committee

May 24, 2016

  BY: Nisreen Eadeh/Staff Writer Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was given the choice to pick five members of the Democratic Party platform-writing committee, and his first choice was Arab American leader, James Zogby. The platform-writing committee for the Democratic(...)

Pennsylvania Lawmakers Outraged over Billboards Criticizing Israel

May 24, 2016

BY: Nisreen Eadeh/Staff Writer Two billboards in South Central Pennsylvania off Highway 83 that criticize American support for Israel are upsetting Pennsylvania lawmakers who are asking for the billboards to be removed. The first billboard, scheduled for December 21 through(...)

Photo Gallery: Lebanese Designers dominate Cannes red carpet

May 23, 2016

BY: Nisreen Eadeh/Staff Writer This year marked the 69th annual Cannes Film Festival that takes place in Cannes, France every spring. The international film festival previews films from all over the world, across many genres, at the Palais des Festivals et(...)

All the #HummusHaters that came after the EgyptAir plane crash

May 21, 2016

With all the anti-Arab bashing we see in the news every week, Arab America is determined to expose those who discriminate against our community. We will recognize those who vilify the positive influence and contributions Arabs have made to the(...)

9 Moments Only Arab Americans Can Understand

May 20, 2016

BY: Yusra Al Shawwa/Contributing Writer We Arab Americans like to do things a certain way and that's okay. There are little moments in life we can't avoid, but can definitely appreciate as part of our culture. Others may not understand why(...)

SkateQilya is Using Skateboarding and Art to Teach Palestinian Youth

May 19, 2016

SkateQilya Press Release/Special to Arab America In October of 2013 a skate ramp was built in Palestine. Mohammed Othman and Adam Abel, two filmmakers who have been making a documentary film about a community of alternative athletes and artists in(...)

Foty Fusion Productions Nakba Day Video Montage

May 19, 2016

In commemoration of Palestinian Nakba (Catastrophe) Day, Foty Fusion Productions has created this video montage of songs from 1929 to present day, highlighting Palestinian resistance through music. The selected songs include know and unknown artists that played a significant role(...)

Rima Fakih's Elaborate, Star-Studded Lebanese Wedding

May 18, 2016

This weekend, Former Miss USA Rima Fakih married Wassim SAL Slaiby at The Patriarchal Edifice in Bkerki, Lebanon. Fakih and Slaibi are both Lebanese Americans but chose their homelands to wed this weekend. Two weeks ago, Fakih converted from Islam(...)

Arab America Picks a President: Not so Fast!

May 18, 2016

BY: Fred Shwaery/Arab America Contributing Writer Last month, we signed off for a few weeks as not much was going to happen until the conventions.  Well, like just about everything else in this election, the expected didn't happen and the(...)

Mansa Musa - An African Empire Builder Whose Wealth Awed Medieval Europe

May 18, 2016

BY: Habeeb Salloum/Contributing writer In the annals of African history, no one has left more of an imprint on the outside world than Mansa Kankan Musa, ruler of Mali from 1312-37 A.D.   Also known as Gongo Musa, he became one of(...)

3,479 Results (Page 271 of 290)