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Music of the Oud Review: Baroque Twists of Arabic Scales

Jun 24, 2019

SOURCE: THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD BY: JOHN SHAD Joseph Tawadros gave an equally jokey and insightful musicological lesson when he(...)

Feedback: Galaxy’s Edge and the Cartooning of Arab Culture

Jun 23, 2019

SOURCE: LOS ANGELES TIMES BY: ED SALISBURY Cross-culture divide at Galaxy’s Edge Lorraine Ali’s column [“Arab Culture Visits the Theme(...)

These Young Women Want to Give Dearborners “Permission to be Proud” of Their City

Jun 22, 2019

SOURCE: MICHIGAN RADIO BY: EMMA WINOWIECKI AND NISA KHAN A lot of Michiganders have hometown pride. It’s the reason you(...)

Local Author Pens Best-Selling Novel

Jun 22, 2019

SOURCE: ROCKY MOUNT TELEGRAM BY: JENNY WHITE When Etaf Rum came to Rocky Mount 10 years ago, she knew right(...)

Tunisian Referee Becomes First Arab Woman to Officiate a Men's Football Match

Jun 22, 2019

SOURCE: EMIRATES WOMAN BY: FATMA ABUSIEF Breaking barriers for Middle Eastern women in football Dorsaf Ganoiati is an International Tunisian football referee,(...)

Met Gala with a Syrian Twist: This Photo Series Challenges Images of War

Jun 22, 2019

SOURCE: STEP FEED BY: RAYANA KHALAF In a parallel universe, Kim Kardashian strolls the streets of Aleppo and treats herself to some(...)


Jun 21, 2019

SOURCE: THE RESIDENT BY: VICTORIA PURCELL Syrian-Armenian artist Kevork Mourad will create a six-metre hanging sculpture live in situ as part(...)

Language and Art Build Bridges at the Center for Arabic Culture

Jun 21, 2019

SOURCE: SCOUT SOMERVILLE  BY: ABIGAIL FELDMAN “I want the community to know what I know, because they will love it.” That’s(...)

Shubbak: a Guide to Europe's Largest Festival of Arab Culture

Jun 21, 2019

SOURCE: THE NATIONAL BY: TAYLOR HEYMAN We pick the highlights not to miss at the London event, from Palestine’s first(...)

UNHCR Welcomes Support of 175 Cities Worldwide for Refugees

Jun 20, 2019

On the occasion of World Refugee Day 2019, UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency thanks mayors in scores of cities across(...)

Musical-Drama 'We Live In Cairo' Follows Egypt's Arab Spring From Hope To Despair

Jun 20, 2019

SOURCE: WBUR BY: ROBIN YOUNG When Mohamed Morsi died on Monday in a courtroom in Egypt, it was noted with(...)

Mohamed Morsi: The Arab World's Lost Promise

Jun 20, 2019

SOURCE: TIME BY: KARL VICK The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in 1928 to bring Islam into modern politics. For decades(...)

15,331 Results (Page 32 of 1278)