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Spirituality and the City: Pilgrimage to Ancient Egypt - Met Tour

Spirituality and the City: Pilgrimage to Ancient Egypt - Met Tour

Date(s) - 09/09/2023
10:00 am - 12:30 pm

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Metropolitan Museum of Arts


$125.00 USD
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“Barbara is juiced from returning from her spiritual pilgrimage to Egypt and ready to share with you her personal experience as well as the ancient metaphysical knowledge she has accumulated over the years.

This is a spiritual pilgrimage and what makes this different from your average trip to the museum (or to any place) is that you will be noticing the effect that the objects in the Egyptian collection have on your body and spirit.

The Met Museum has an extensive Ancient Egyptian collection. Many pieces are thousands of years old. As an ancient being yourself, you will notice that certain objects, symbols, messages and even jewelry may “light you up.” You may get a heavy or excited feeling in a certain part of your body – your stomach, abdomen, top of your head. You will be encouraged to notice any reactions your body is having while walking through the exhibits. We will stop as a group periodically to share and read these energies using our clairvoyance.

You will discover the spiritual practices & ancient rituals of ancient Egypt. Stand in front of ancient statues of Sekhmet – the goddess of healing (and destruction) – and get a healing. Learn the meaning of living a good life through a room of papyrus containing all the spells from the Book of the Dead. You may even have the chance to see your ancient self in a 6000 year old mirror!

We will be a tight group of 6-10 people so this event has limited availability.


Metropolitan Museum of Art

1000 Fifth Avenue (at 82nd Street)

New York, NY 10028


9:45 am – We’ll meet just outside the museum entrance at the top of the steps. Please be on time so that we are amongst the first group in – before the crowds. If the weather is not good we will meet inside right next to the Egyptian statue.


A printed version of the HAND-OUT you receive by email upon registration.

Notebook and pen for writing.


They do not allow large bags or backpacks into the museum; you will have to check them at the entrance. No flash use on the camera inside.


Barbara Biziou

I will be sending over further trip details as we get closer to the date so keep an eye out for that email.”

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