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Incredible Surf Spots in the Arab World

posted on: Dec 22, 2020


By: Dani Meyer/Arab America Contributing Writer

When thinking of best-surfing destinations, the Arab world probably doesn’t come to mind. But the Arab world has its fair share of great surf spots. It is home to equally stunning and relatively unexplored surfable beaches. These seven places are some of the best-surfing destinations in the Arab world.

1. Taghazout, Morocco


With a fully-fledged surf camp called ‘Surf Berbere’, the coast has slowly grown to become Morocco’s surfing capital. The area has about 20 surf spots, most notably Hash Point and Panoramas point, which are all within a 15-minute drive from the town. Taghazout is a fishing village in the south of Morocco, which means it typically is not very crowded. It has waves for advanced surfers from September to April and smaller waves for the rest of the year.

2. Jiyeh, Lebanon

While Lebanon may not be an obvious choice as a surfing destination, its popularity is growing. Its waves are modest, but the community’s passion is strong. Known for its sandy beaches, the ancient beach town Jiyeh is a rarity along the country’s long, rocky coastline. There was a surf community in Lebanon before the 1970s, but it dwindled during the civil war. Jiyeh is known to provide consistent waves for surfers, but there are other beaches along this same stretch that are popular with the surfing community.

3. North Beach, Dubai


North Beach, located just north of Dubai, is a favorite among locals. The beach is not officially open, so you won’t find tourists or beachgoers at North Beach. It attracts mainly experienced surfers since the waves are large throughout the season.

4. Al Khan Beach, Sharjah

Al Khan Beach offers small and clean waves that are perfect for beginners. The beach is also home to Sharjah’s Surf School since the small waves make it a great place to learn how to surf. The waves aren’t filled with experienced surfers, but can still be fun if you’re more experienced and looking for an easy day.

5. Mukalla, Yemen

Travel to Yemen is not currently advised due to the civil war. However, in times of peace, Yemen boasts incredible surfing. From June to August, there are monsoons in the Arabian Sea that lend themselves perfectly to amazing surfing. The waves are reliable and fairly large, and, since Yemen is a desert country, the water is warm.

6. Ras al Hadd, Oman


Oman is a desert country, so you may be wondering why it’s on this list. Oman has a long coastline that faces the Indian Ocean, which is thought of as the best wave-generating ocean in the world. The best wave spots depend on the season – the summer boasts great swells in the south, and the waves move to the northeast in the winter season. Ras al Hadd recently hosted Oman’s first surfing competition.

7. Annaba, Algeria

Algeria offers over 1,000 miles of coastline, much of which is still unexplored by surfers. Annaba is home to the Djazair Surf Club and has fairly consistent waves throughout the season. In 2014, Algeria became the 85th member of the International Surf Association.

The Arab world may not be your first thought when thinking of surf spots. But, because these spots are relatively unknown, they are uncrowded and make for great surfing destinations. Do you love any other surf spots in the Arab world? Let us know in the comments!

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