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Lebanopoly: A Lebanese Twist on a Classic Board Game

posted on: Aug 3, 2022

By: Dina Kobeissi / Arab America Contributing Writer

Board games are a staple in many people’s childhoods. For Toni Jammal, playing board games with his cousin every summer was always special. Now, he’s brought a Lebanese twist on a classic to homes around the nation. “I loved the game a lot and played it every summer growing up so I wanted to pay tribute to something I did as a child but wanted it to be meaningful.” Let’s take a closer look at the details of the game, the inspiration behind its creation, and the impact it’s having for the Lebanese community and beyond.

Lebanopoly includes 28 landmarks from historical castles to popular towns and touristic cities. 

Toni Jammal wanted to recreate his experience in Lebanon. “I included many places I’d visited, but also places I hadn’t before.” Lebanon in itself has a lot to discover and there’s a lot we connect with on an intrinsic level. The area of Lebanon is only 4,036 mi², but it’s a country full of life and many, different and distinct villages and cities. In including so many different places and areas in the game, Jammal was able to display the diversity of Lebanon on a united board and interacting in a cohesive game.

Lebanopoly uses authentic replicas of vintage Lebanese money.

In an era with wide generational gaps, politically and culturally, this game serves as a cross generational bridge seeking to bring together the whole family. “It’s been interesting to see how different players interact with the game, especially since it uses replica currency, it captures the experience in mid 90s Lebanon.” The older generation tends to make comments like “I remember when this used to be worth something” and others commenting things like “I remember when this used to buy me gum or ice cream.”

In addition to being available on its own website, the game has sold well on Etsy, garnering almost 500 sales and 80 boasting reviews. Jammal explained how he hopes the game can leverage bigger discussions on topics like education and unity. “I’ve had great feedback. People want a part 2 with even more villages and areas of Lebanon represented and included. I’ve even gotten many requests for a version of the game for other Arab countries.”

Many have connected with the game, and from now until the end of August you can get your own copy of Lebanopoly with a discount. Just use code ARABAMERICA at checkout. Happy Playing!