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Medical and Non Medical Tourism in Jordan

posted on: Feb 26, 2021

Medical and Non Medical Tourism in Jordan

By: Raneem Ghunaim/ Arab America Contributing Writer  Jordan is considered to be one of the few places where it is hard to find natural disadvantages. That goes back to its beautiful nature and overall natural resources. Jordan, along with several other countries, is known for its hot springs. Often these hot springs are used for medical purposes and people worldwide will visit Jordan for that reason. However, these hot springs are not only used for physical healing but also mental healing as well; its breathtaking sensory will take you out of this world. Here are some places that contribute to Jordan’s excellent medical and overall tourism.

Places For Medical Tourism 

Jordan is filled with many cities; some are known for medical tourism while others are simply known for their beautiful scenery, those fall under tourism categories. Here are the cities that are mainly visited due to medical tourism.

The Dead Sea

Medical and Non Medical Tourism in Jordan

One of the top 3 places to visit in Jordan for medical tourism is the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is known for its numerous hot waterfalls and sulfur eye of waterOften those who visit the Dead Sea go in order to cure their bone or skin diseases such as rheumatoid. Many tourists worldwide go there just to the medical aspect that the Dead Sea has to offer. Because of that, the World Health Organization (WHO) chose the dead sea as a worldwide spot to cure a lot of skin and bone-related diseases in 2011.


Medical and Non Medical Tourism in Jordan

In Madaba, there is a place called Ma’een waterfall or “Hammamat Ma’een”, it is located 58 kilometers south of Amman. It is 120 meters below sea level and contains 36 springs that all differ in temperature. All contain the same chemical compounds: sodium, calcium, chloride, radon gas, hydrogen sulfide, and carbon dioxide. The temperature in some of these springs can go up to 36 Celsius. 

There is a 5-star resort in Ma’een called “Hot Spring Ma’een” and it has about over 90 hotel rooms and 3 rooms dedicated for meetings. In this resort, you can easily find natural pools, sauna rooms, restaurants that face the falls. There is a full medical office that specializes in physical therapy as well.   


Medical and Non Medical Tourism in Jordan
Al Himyeh which is located in Al- Maghtas is considered to be one of the most medical and touristy places in the area. It has many resorts and some clinics that offer numerous services to its visitors. There, you can find special places for people who suffer from breathing conditions. In addition, there are centers to treat both skin and nervous system diseases.

Hammamet Afar

Medical and Non Medical Tourism in Jordan

Hammamet Afar is south from Jordan, 26 kilometers away from El- Tafilah. The hot water comes from more than 15 places that fills up the place with curing metals. Experts say this water has a lot of power and helps cure many skin-related issues that one might have. Restaurants and other public places can be found there as well.

Places for Tourism

Although Jordan is considered to be a relatively small country, the places and agriculture that it has are some of the best out there. Here are some of the many places Jordan has to offer, ranging from hospitals to wonderful resorts. As a matter of fact, Jordan is known for its outstanding medical services in the Arab world.  Many hospitals in Jordan specialize in cancer treatment, such as “Markaz al Hussain lel Saratan” which is tied to St. Jude hospital in Boston. Aside from hospitals, here are some wonderful tourist places in Jordan.


“Kempinski Hotel” is one of the biggest resorts in the Middle East. A lot of labs in the Dead Sea provide and produce a lot of natural cosmetics, lotions, deodorant, which is yet again another tourist attraction. Hotel Kempinski provides natural physical therapy without the usage of any chemicals. 


Next Time You Travel to Jordan Don't Miss Out on these 3 Places

Jerash is a beautiful city in northern Jordan located 48 kilometers from Amman. When it comes to Roman architecture, Jerash is considered to be one of the largest and well-known preserved sites. Annually, Jerash holds a “ Jerash Festival of Culture and Arts”, which is a celebration of both international culture and Arab culture. This festival is often during the summer and is located within the ancient ruins of Jerash.   


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