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Author Archives: Annika Wolfe

The Natural Way To Arab Beauty

By: Annika Wolfe/Arab America Contributing Writer It is without a doubt that Arab beauty secrets are in high demand, along with tips and tricks for men’s face routines as well. Walking through an Arab household, you’ll see a lot of raw material and pieces that eventually makeup to the best secrets to youthful, healthy-looking skin. … Continued

Limonana – An Arabic Refreshment With Health Benefits

By: Blanche Shaheen/Arab America Contributing Writer Recently a catchy Arabic song by Toni Qattan took the Middle East by storm called “Yalli Bet Heb Na3Na3” or “We love Mint.” This song reached massive popularity, not only because the chorus was catchy, but also because the Arab world has a love affair with mint. This herb … Continued

June is Immigrant Heritage Month! #celebrateimmigrants

By: Annika Wolfe/Arab America Contributing Writer This June is the 6th Annual Immigrant Heritage Month (IHM) in the United States! It is a “nationwide effort to celebrate immigrants and share inspirational stories of immigration in America.” The month “provides an opportunity for Americans to reflect on their family’s heritage and celebrate the countless contributions immigrants … Continued

12 Healthy Foods Arab Americans Eat That Prevent Cancer!

By: Annika Wolfe/ Arab America Contributing Writer As cancer research progresses, we are learning more and more about the foods that can help prevent the disease. Many of the fruits and vegetables we already eat can prevent cancer. Arab Americans are very health-conscious when it comes to their ingredients and snacks. Here are 12 healthy … Continued

Ten Arab Cities You Should Visit Soon

By: Annika Wolfe/Arab America Contributing Writer With the summer travel season just around the corner, many are in search of new and exciting places to visit. The Middle East offers so much to tourists with rich and diverse cultures, delicious food, and phenomenal scenery. Whether you are looking for a relaxing getaway in a lovely … Continued

Ten Qualities That Make Arabs Great Friends

By: Annika Wolfe/Arab America Contributing Writer Arabs are among some of the most friendly, sweet, and kind people on the planet. They are family-oriented, loyal and caring to their friends, and helpful to all. Here are some of the many qualities that make Arabs absolutely wonderful friends! 1. Generous The generosity of Arabs is widely … Continued

16 Cool Arab Names For Your Children!

By: Annika Wolfe/Arab America Contributing Writer One of the most exciting things about expecting a new addition to your family is choosing a name. There are millions of names to choose from, making the process of choosing a name for your child incredibly difficult. If you are looking for suggestions or inspiration, then this article … Continued

The Alawites–The Shia Muslim Sect of Syria’s Leader

  By: John Mason/ Arab America Contributing Writer Alawites are a Shia sect of Islam who revere the Prophet Mohammed’s cousin and son-in-law, Ali. They live predominantly in Syria, where they make up about 12% or 2+ million of the population, but there are also minority communities in Lebanon and Turkey. Alawites are Arabs and … Continued

Palestinian Concentration Camp Burj Al-Barajneh: Will it Survive Jared Kushner & Donald Trump?

By: Michael Springmann/ Arab America Contributing Writer On July 29, 2018, I was fortunately invited to attend the “Arab International Forum For Justice To [sic] Palestine.” Held in Beirut, the program included a visit to the Palestinian “refugee” camp Burj al-Barajneh, located near the city’s Rafik Hariri International Airport. There, this writer saw Israeli apartheid in … Continued

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