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Are the Druze People Arabs or Muslims? Deciphering Who They Are

By: John Mason/Arab America Contributing Writer The Druze are an ethnically and religiously defined population living mainly in Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, and Palestine/Israel. There are also large communities of Druze living in Canada, the U.S., Europe, Australia, Latin America and West Africa. They comprise about over a million people worldwide. Their primary language is … Continued

The Arab America Ambassadors for the Month of July

Meet the Arab America Ambassadors (AAA’s) that made a difference during the month of July!By: Annika Wolfe/ Arab America Contributing Writer/Ambassador The Arab America Ambassador Network represents an effort to connect Arab and non-Arab communities through collaborative efforts while amplifying Arab America’s effectiveness as a resource that offers accurate information on Arab Americans and the … Continued

8 Secrets on How to Make Perfect Tabbouleh

By: Blanche Shaheen/Arab America Contributing Writer In western culture, parsley is used mostly as a garnish, decorating plates in restaurants, only to get pushed aside by diners who want to get to the main course. However, the Ancient Arabs, Greeks, and Indians marveled at the medicinal potential of parsley. Loaded with vitamins and antioxidants, parsley … Continued

The Arab World in Pictures

By: Annika Wolfe/ Arab America Contributing Writer The Arab World is full of beautiful landscapes, architecture, and art. The Middle East includes luxurious Mediterranean beaches, expansive deserts, and booming urban centers. From ancient ruins to natural wonders and bustling city streets, the Arab World is one of the most visually stunning regions on the globe. … Continued

Arab Lives are Woven into the European Fabric for Good and Bad: Here’s What We Know About Them

By: John Mason/ Arab America Contributing Writer Early Arab invaders of Europe were quite effective in integrating local populations into the larger Arab society. To the contrary, later European colonization of Arab regions was not nearly as effective in bringing Arabs into their overall society. Post-World War II Arab immigration to Europe has been problematic … Continued

The Surprising Health Benefits of Camel Milk

By: Annika Wolfe/ Arab America Contributing Writer Camel milk is well on the way to becoming the next big trend in health food and drink. Until recently, the numerous health benefits were unknown as the milk has not been popularized in the west and has only been used for medicinal purposes in the Middle East. … Continued

When the Arabs Ruled Europe–At Least Parts of It–Imagine?!

  By: John Mason/ Arab America Contributing Writer Once, during the 8th-15th centuries A.D., parts of Europe were ruled by Arab Muslims. During the eighth century A.D., countries known today as Spain, Portugal, Sicily, France, even Switzerland fell under Arab rule. On the Iberian Peninsula, today’s Spain and Portugal, a mix of Arabs and North African Berbers … Continued

The Natural Way To Arab Beauty

By: Myrna Daher/Arab America Ambassador/Blogger Typical Mediterranean skin ranges in shades from olive to moderate brown and rarely burns, yet tans easily. These shades are type V pigments, commonly found in people from the Middle East, parts of Africa, Latin America and the Indian subcontinent. Common features of Arabs are black hair, thick eyebrows, and … Continued

What’s New with Arabic Language Instruction in the United States?

By: Annika Wolfe/ Arab America Contributing Writer Arabic is the fifth most-spoken language in the world, preceded by Mandarin, Spanish, English, and Hindi. Arabic is the official or co-official language of 26 countries and a minor language in six, many of whom are member states in the Arab league. Almost 430 million people speak Arabic worldwide, … Continued

The Kurds: An Important Piece of the Fabric of Arab Society

By: John Mason/Arab America Contributing Writer The Kurds represent only a small population in the Arab World. However, as an ancient ethnic group in the Middle East, they continue to inhabit a large swath of an area including Syria, Iraq, Iran, Turkey and the Caucasus of the former Soviet Union including, present-day Armenia. Kurds share … Continued

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