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Author Archives: Claire Boyle

CONNECT Arab America 2021: Day 5–Connecting with Our Culture

The Connect Arab America: Empowerment Summit is a week-long virtual conference that will run from Feb. 1-5 with a different panel each day. By: Claire Boyle/Arab America Contributing Writer On Day 5 of the Connect Arab America Empowerment Summit, we will get to meet some of the entertainers who are making a splash in their … Continued

How Shakira Eats and Trains in a Day-New Latin Inspired Recipes!

By: Blanche Shaheen/Arab America Contributing Writer Introduction: Let’s face it, for many people, it’s hard to get motivated in February. Most people would rather stay cozy in their homes, wrapped up in blankets and sipping on hot chocolate rather than sprinting in the rain or doing planks in the snow. Not to mention the closing … Continued

Meet 13 Famous Yemeni Americans

By: Claire Boyle/Arab America Contributing Writer Introduction: The Yemeni American community has existed in the United States since around the 1890s, and they have been emigrating to the country since around the 1860s. Yemeni Americans have settled in places such as New York City, Chicago, Brooklyn, South Dearborn in Michigan, and various cities within the … Continued

Warak Enab (Stuffed Grape Leaves or Dolmas)

By: Blanche Shaheen/Arab America Contributing Writer As children living in foggy San Francisco, my Arab American parents would drive us to the warm wine country in Napa Valley in the mid-summer. We would knock on the vintner’s doors and ask permission to pick the grape leaves, not the grapes. While the vintners seemed puzzled, they … Continued

Check Out the Role of Immigrant Arab and Muslim American Physicians and Scientists in the COVID-19 Response

By: Dr. Raed Al-Naser, M.D., F.C.C.P./Arab America Contributing Writer It is time to acknowledge the role of immigrant Arab and Muslim American physicians and scientists in our nation’s COVID-19 response.   COVID-19 has pushed the US healthcare system to its limits. During this unprecedented need for skilled health care workers, the system would have suffered enormous … Continued

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