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Singing For Change: How Music Was an Important Revolutionary Tool

By: Emily Devereaux/Arab America Contributing Writer Historically, most revolutions used significant cultural symbols to help push ideas through the entire population. For example, many people dressed in certain fashions and adorned in various symbols in the French Revolution to signify a tangible representation for their cause. Similarly, Arab revolutionaries recognized the cultural significance of music … Continued

Language Tells a Story: the Evolution of the Arabic Language

By: Emily Devereaux/ Arab America Contributing Writer Historically, Arabic is a Proto-Semitic language, which is a subgroup of Afro-Asiatic languages. Other Proto-Semitic languages are Hebrew and Amharic. However, many linguists have studied the Proto-Semitic languages and have surmised that between Hebrew, Amharic, and Arabic, that Arabic has been the only one to maintain its Proto-Semitic … Continued

Arab Representation in Popular Literature

Representation in literature is important for many different audiences! It is important that children see their identity represented. Therefore, they will not grow up with the notion that only white people can be represented in many forms of media. Understanding representation in literature is essential. Representation is an issue in literature because many of the … Continued

Seeking Refuge: Jewish People Taken in by Arab People

By: Emily Devereaux/Arab America Contributing Writer There is a tumultuous history between Jewish people and Arab people. Conflicts trace back to biblical dates. Today, there is a confusing stigma about relations between Jewish people and Arab people. However, certain time periods saw Jewish people seeking refuge among Arab people. 1492: Discovery of the New World … Continued

Why I Love my Arab Friend…

By: Emily Devereaux/ Arab America Contributing Writer This year, I have the privilege of being an abroad buddy to a student studying abroad at the American University. An abroad buddy is another student or peer that is tasked with helping students studying abroad here acclimate and feel at home. Luckily, I was fortunate enough to … Continued

Christmas in the Arab World: Traditions and Customs

Merry Christmas from all of us at Arab America to all those who are celebrating! This Christmas, are you trying to remember how Christmas is celebrated in your homeland?  The content of this article will remind you of the special Christmas traditions in different Arab countries! Egypt Only about 15% of the Egyptian population is … Continued

10 Outstanding People Under 30 from the Arab World

By: Emily Devereaux/ Arab America Contributing Writer        The age of thirty is a huge milestone. At this point in life, thirty-year-olds are said to be more focused on life satisfaction, more likely to change careers, and more likely ready to settle down. However, some people seem to find their stride even before … Continued

How Arab People Shaped the Numeral System

By: Emily Devereaux/Arab America Contributing Writer The numbering system in Arabic writing looks different than the English writing system, but they are actually the same! The Hindu-Arabic system is the root of many other numeral systems throughout the world. In this system, there are ten digits, including a zero. Arabic numerals are the most widespread … Continued

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: Palestine Before 1948

BY: Emily Devereaux/ Arab America contributing writer           Pictures are worth a thousand words. The images below document Palestine before the partition through historic photographs. Palestine Before 1948  This sacred shrine built in Jerusalem by Umayyad caliph Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan in the late seventh century. It’s the oldest standing Islamic monument.  … Continued

Substitute Your Arab Meat Dishes with Delicious Meatless Options

By: Emily Devereaux/Arab America Contributing Writer Why Eat Meatless?  Today, there are many reasons to eat meatless! While you do not need to commit to a strictly meatless lifestyle, cutting down on meat reduces the risk of heart disease. However, many people may be seeking out more plant-based meals in order to lose weight, or … Continued

Ba’albek Ruins: Then and Now

  By: Emily Devereaux/Arab America Contributing Writer The Ba’albek ruins are an archaeological field day. Its pillars were erected as early as 9000 BC, and are marked with beautiful and intricate designs that leave archaeologists puzzled about how these drawings were carved. At the time of its creation, the Temple was attractive to people because … Continued

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