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Author Archives: Kritstina Perry

Egypt in the 1960s: The Golden Age

BY: Kristina Perry/Contributing Writer Egypt has long been a center of innovative culture, art and political discussion. The 1960s brought an era of art, fashion and innovation all over the world, but no country added to the cultural and technological renaissance of the sixties like Egypt. In the sixties, Egypt began its domination of Arab … Continued

Interview with Prominent Arab American Researcher, Dr. Shibley Telhami

  BY: Kristina Perry/Contributing Writer WASHINGTON, DC: Dr. Shibley Telhami is one of the leading researchers on public opinion polling and research, examining American foreign policy priorities. His research often focuses on opinions toward the Middle East, Muslims, and Arab communities. His recent research presented at the Brookings Institute in Washington, DC examined the shift … Continued

American Students Studying Arabic for More Than Just Getting a Job

BY: Kristina Perry and Clara Ana Ruplinger/Contributing Writers   In the U.S. today, Arabic is a language that has been highly stigmatized. Individuals speaking Arabic have found that using the language, or even looking Arab, can make a person seem so threatening that they can be thrown off of planes, harassed, or even attacked. In the climate of … Continued

A Response to Egyptian Criticism of American Race Relations

BY: Kristina Perry/Contributing Writer This past week, Egyptian officials released a statement condemning recent police brutality in the United States, and called for an exposure of the hypocrisy of American stances on human rights violations. Egypt has frequently been a subject of criticism from the United States government and international community for their human and civil … Continued

After Orlando, American Attitudes Toward Muslims More Favorable than Before

BY: Kristina Perry/Contributing Writer WASHINGTON, DC: On Monday, renowned researcher Shibley Telhami presented his team’s updated findings on American attitudes towards Middle Eastern immigrants and priorities of American foreign policy at the Brookings Institution. Telhami presented data that was collected two weeks before the tragic Orlando shootings, and then tested again two weeks after, to … Continued

Beer in the Middle East: A Brave New Market

Middle Eastern brewers look to expand their market as the region starts to get a taste for better beers. Beer and barley have a long history in the Middle East, but drinking culture is not popular as it was in the era before Islam. But in Lebanon and Jordan, microbreweries have experienced spikes in popularity … Continued

Palestinian Swimmer Overcomes Obstacles to Reach Rio

Despite being blocked from using one of the many Olympic training facilities in Israel due to her Palestinian citizenship, Mary al-Atrash will be participating in the upcoming Olympics in Rio. This upcoming Palestinian delegation to the Olympics will be the largest since 1996, and looks to see its members do well in a variety of … Continued

Congressional Briefing Flying While Arab: What You Need to Know

BY: Kristina Perry/Contributing Writer WASHINGTON, DC: On Tuesday, the Arab American Institute held a congressional briefing discussing the blatant discriminatory policies of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and its plan to seek redress or government oversight. The panelists cited recent spikes in incidents of ethnic, religious, and racial profiling that resulted in minorities, or persons perceived … Continued

Benghazi: The Final Report and What It Means

Video from New York Times BY: Kristina Perry/Contributing Writer WASHINGTON, DC: The House Select Committee on Benghazi released its final report on Tuesday, finding no wrongdoing by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The costly and highly controversial committee’s report is more than 800 pages, ending in an inconclusive and indictment free conclusion. While the report … Continued

10 Things More Likely to Kill You Than a Refugee

BY: Kristina Perry WASHINGTON, DC: These are trying times for the United States as xenophobia threatens the underlying narrative of this nation of immigrants. Throughout the 2016 campaign trail, the stump speeches of some presidential candidates have been sprinkled with references to the assumed threats posed by refugees, religious groups, and all the usual rigmarole. In … Continued

World Refugee Month – Concern for Crisis Sparks New Research

BY: Kristina Perry/Contributing Writer WASHINGTON, DC: Every year, the world observes June as World Refugee Month, with June 20th marking international events raising awareness for refugees hosted by the United Nations Refugee Agency. This year, World Refugee Month coincides with Ramadan, and the presumptive end of the presidential primaries. As the nation witnesses its closest … Continued

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