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Booza: Syria’s Famous Stretchy Ice-Cream

By: Menal Elmaliki / Arab America Contributing Writer In the middle of the busy souq, Al Hamdiiyah, located in the old city of Damascus is the famous ice cream shop, Bakdash. The shop has a long history, it was first established in 1895 while Syria was under Ottoman rule. It hosted Ottoman officials who would … Continued

Cookbook of Baghdad: 10th century

By: Menal Elmaliki / Arab America Contributing Writer “The mere smell of cooking can evoke a whole civilization.” Fernand Braudel ‘Kitab al-Tabikh’ ‘Kitab al Tabikh’ is an old recipe book dating back to the early Middle Ages or dark ages. It was written in the 10th century on the “Cuisine of the Caliph of Baghdad,” and … Continued

Digital Censorship: Bella Hadid & Instagram

By: Menal Elmaliki / Arab America Contributing Writer “I swear to the LordI still can’t seeWhy Democracy meansEverybody but me.”-Langston Hughes, The Black Man Speaks  They know everything about us, and we know nothing about them. In this new age of technology, the phrase, “they know everything about us, and we know nothing about them,” … Continued

Yemeni Shakshouka

By: Menal Elmaliki / Arab America Contributing Writer Are you feeling hungry but not sure what to make. You want to make eggs but not just regular, plain and boring eggs. Try this simple Yemeni breakfast recipe, spiced eggs cooked with onions and tomatoes. It is the Yemeni version of shakshouka and it is not … Continued

Preserving an Omani Tradition

Oman is a beautiful gulf country situated between 3 bodies of water, the Persian Gulf, the Omani Gulf, and the Arabian Sea. Often referred to as the “The Jewel of Musat,” the dhow, a hand strewn boat, in its grandeur is a testimony of Oman’s beauty, richness of history, culture, and ancient traditions. They’ve earned the name of greatest shipbuilders. Arab America Contributing writer, Menal Elmaliki, writes on the Omanis struggle to revive and preserve a heritage that traces back to the time of the vikings.

A Taste of Ramadan

Alongside the spiritual aspect of Ramadan, is a time to celebrate with friends and family. To add to the allurement of Ramadan, vimto, a special concoction often drunk during Iftar. Arab America contributing writer, Menal Elmaliki, highlights the meaning of Ramadan and offers us a recipe of everyone’s favorite drink.

Arab Books You Must Read Before you Die

Arab America contributing writer, Menal Elmalik,writes a listicle of her favorite modern Arab novels you must read before you die. Each novel accurately depicts a reality in each Arab country, from finding an identity with no homeland, to being surveilled by an authoritarian and oppressive regime. It also highlights issues of poverty, censorship, and with great hilarity, catty and gossipy men and women.

Qahwa House Yemeni Latte Recipe

Arab America contributing writer, Menal Elmalik, offers the masses a copycat recipe of Yemen’s Cafe most famous drink. Qahwa House, originally based in Michigan has gained popularity and is now opening branches all across America. They have taken traditional drinks and given it a modern twist. Want to enjoy this drink without making the long trek and spending money, just follow this simple recipe and you’ll be able to enjoy this Qahwa House brew in your very own home.

The History of Yemeni Coffee

The word coffee was curated in about the 1600s and is defined as a “drink made from the ground and roasted seeds of a tree originally native to Arabia and Abyssinia.” It comes from the Turkish word for coffee, kahveh, and the Arabic word qahwa. Since coffee resembled a cherry, it was nicknamed the “magical fruit.” Coffee was first cultivated in Yemen and the first coffee drink appeared in about the 15th century. Contributing writer, Menal Elmaliki, details the fascinating journey and history of Yemeni coffee.

Honeycomb (Khaliat Al Nahl) Recipe

Honeycomb or otherwise known as khaliat al nahl is a famous dessert commonly made in Yemen. What is unique about this bready dessert is that it looks like a honeycomb, khaliat al nahl translates to beehive in Arabic. Arab America contributing writer, Menal Elmaliki, writes a simple to follow recipe on how to make this fluffy, soft bread filled with cream cheese and drenched in honey or a sugar syrup.

The Yemeni Cooking Pot

Some call it rustic, others exotic but for Yemenis, soapstone cookware is the sine qua non. This soapstone cookware is called harada, madra or rizah and they are the lifeblood of Yemeni cuisine. It is a thick-walled stone pot that you will find in every Yemeni household. This unusual pot is as famous as the food it is cooked in. It is used to make saltah, fahsa, fatah (susi), shakshouka, and foul. Intern writer, Menal Elmaliki, details the importance of soapstone cookware in Yemeni culture.

Qat: The Addiction

Menal Elmaliki / Arab America Contributing Writer How an addiction is plaguing the country of Yemen By: Menal Elmaliki / Arab America Contributing Writer Abdullah, a Yemeni business shopkeeper, sets out after sunrise to begin his daily ritual of work, life, and the upkeep of the family. In the souq, he sits from sunrise until … Continued

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