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Honeycomb (Khaliat Al Nahl) Recipe

Honeycomb or otherwise known as khaliat al nahl is a famous dessert commonly made in Yemen. What is unique about this bready dessert is that it looks like a honeycomb, khaliat al nahl translates to beehive in Arabic. Arab America contributing writer, Menal Elmaliki, writes a simple to follow recipe on how to make this fluffy, soft bread filled with cream cheese and drenched in honey or a sugar syrup.

The Yemeni Cooking Pot

Some call it rustic, others exotic but for Yemenis, soapstone cookware is the sine qua non. This soapstone cookware is called harada, madra or rizah and they are the lifeblood of Yemeni cuisine. It is a thick-walled stone pot that you will find in every Yemeni household. This unusual pot is as famous as the food it is cooked in. It is used to make saltah, fahsa, fatah (susi), shakshouka, and foul. Intern writer, Menal Elmaliki, details the importance of soapstone cookware in Yemeni culture.

Qat: The Addiction

Menal Elmaliki / Arab America Contributing Writer How an addiction is plaguing the country of Yemen By: Menal Elmaliki / Arab America Contributing Writer Abdullah, a Yemeni business shopkeeper, sets out after sunrise to begin his daily ritual of work, life, and the upkeep of the family. In the souq, he sits from sunrise until … Continued

The 11 levels of love in Arabic

The affliction and the eventual dissent into madness By: Menal Maliki / Arab America Contributing Writer Much of the Arabic language’s beauty stems from its dept. The language is as beautiful as it is complex. Take for example the word honey, it has 70 synonyms and the word lion has about 400. Arabic has so … Continued

Why KFC is a Luxury in Gaza

How many stories have you heard of Palestinians in Gaza, being deprived, or denied of basic human rights, such as medical attention, education, travel, the right of business?  Palestinians living in Gaza aren’t allowed to fish past a certain point off their own coast. They are even being deprived of something as small as fast food, like KFC which is a huge luxury in Gaza.

Minimalism In Islam and Why You Should be Minimal

Imagine a fire, what is the first thing you’ll grab? Take a minute to really think, what is special enough to save. What material items are worth risking your life for? Despite the horridness of this scenario, there is a silver lining which is that it forces us to reconsider what is valuable. Intern Menal Elmaliki, brings insight on minimalism, why you should be a minimalist. Minimalism, though seemingly modern, is an Islamic value and also a value shared in all religions, and past cultural traditions.

How to Make Yemeni Foul–Mudammas

Foul is a traditional middle eastern food, its origin dating back centuries. In Yemen, foul is eaten for breakfast, or dinner, and is eaten with rooti–small loaf breads, gamati, or malawah–layered bread. Arab America contributing writer, Menal Elmaliki, explains how this Yemeni breakfast is often cooked in clay and stone pots, and is spicy. It is sometimes called a spicy bean stew, soup, or chili. It’s a common dish in Yemen because it is very affordable to make while also being nutritious. Here is a quick and easy recipe for making this nutritious dish.

The Queen of Sheba in Pop culture: Her Origins & Influence

By: Menal Elmaliki / Arab America Contributing Writer There’s a fight in the café where a woman sits hogging an entire table, a man sits near her, and she smacks her lips. The man bewildered, and slightly annoyed, replies sarcastically, “Who do you think you are, the Queen of Sheba?” A popular pop culture reference … Continued

My Journey: Steps in Memorizing Arabic

By: Menal Elmaliki / Arab America Contributing Writer I was recently invited to a family member’s Melwee, which is a traditional party a Yemeni bride has before her wedding. I walked into the large gathering, and was greeted with a sea of Yemeni women dressed in traditional attire. We sip tea, converse, as well as … Continued

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