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Author Archives: Michaela Schrum

It’s Olive Harvest Season in Palestine: Suffering Continues

By: Michaela Schrum/Arab America Contributing Writer It’s that time of year again. Palestinian farmers are harvesting olives from the centuries-old trees that have been in Palestinian families for generations. As in previous years, this has been a time for families and friends to gather, to reflect on their family roots, and to be reminded of … Continued

US Embassy Move to Jerusalem? Protests Around the World Say “No Way”

By: Michaela Schrum/Arab America Contributing Writer  After ignoring the advice from numerous foreign policy advisors in the United States and the international community, President Trump last Wednesday announced that the United States would move its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and formally recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Since then, the world has … Continued

Tweets and the Travel Ban: A Shocking Week for Arab Americans

By: Michaela Schrum/Arab America Contributing Writer It’s been an eventful week, to say the least as two pertinent issues affecting the Arab American community, including President Trump’s inflammatory Tweets directed against Muslims and the Supreme Court’s reinstatement of the Trump travel ban directed against Muslim counties. Trump’s Inflammatory Tweets Last week, President Trump retweeted a series … Continued

New Congressional Bill Advocates Justice for Palestinian Children

By: Michaela Schrum/Arab America Contributing Writer On Tuesday, November 14, 2017, Minnesota House Representative Betty McCollum introduced a bill to Congress- that seeks to prohibit the funding from the United States that enables human rights violations that affect Palestinian children in the West Bank. The bill is called Promoting Human Rights by Ending Israeli Military … Continued

Film on Israeli Cuisine Says Food is Not Political

By: Michaela Schrum/Arab America Contributing Writer In the documentary, “In Search of Israeli Cuisine” by Michael Solomonov, a renowned Israeli chef explores the complexity and diversity that has contributed to Israel’s favorite foods. “Yemenite, Palestinian, Iraqi, Moroccan, Russian, Turkish… I don’t even know- how many countries are represented in one place” says Solomonov as he points to … Continued

Israel Denies Entry to Palestine for Amnesty International USA Employee

By: Michaela Schrum/ Arab America Contributing Writer On October 31, 2017, Amnesty International released a report detailing that an Amnesty International employee, Raed Jarrar, had been denied entry into Palestine by Israeli officials at the border due to his work with Amnesty International, (a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize). Amnesty International is a world-renowned … Continued

5 Recent and Positive Developments Concerning Palestine

By: Michaela Schrum/Contributing Writer There have been many developments in the past month concerning Palestine, The US, and Israel. Here are the top 5 most important and relevant events. 1. Palestine Given INTERPOL Membership September 27, 2017, Palestine was voted a full member of The International Police Organization (INTERPOL). As a new member, Palestine now … Continued

The First Day of School in Palestine is Unlike Any Other

By Michaela Schrum/Contributing Writer Imagine that you walk to school only to find that there is no school building anymore. This is a situation that many American children would never imagine, but in the West Bank, it is a reminder of a hostile and violent occupation. This is exactly what happened in Jubbet adh-Dibh, a … Continued

King Pardons Over 600 Prisoners in Morocco: Will it be Enough?

By: Michaela Schrum/Contributing Writer King Muhammed VI of Morocco pardoned over 600 people in Moroccan prisoners September 1, 2017 for Eid- Al-Adha after pardoning over 1,000 in late July for Eid Al-Fitr. Many of these prisoners were convicted protesters from Al Hoceima in the Berber Rif region, a region that has become famous for the … Continued

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